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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Andre williams "Holland Shuffle"

Andre williams "Holland Shuffle"

In FLAC - covers are included

1. Agile, Mobile & Hostile 2. You Got It & I Want It 3. I Can tell 4. Shake A Tail Feather 5. I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair Of Pajamas 6. Car With The Star 7. I Don't Know Why 8. Pussy Stank 9. Get This Love Off My Mind 10. Jail Bait 11. Hallelujah

Andre "Mr. Rhythm" Williams is a R&B legend, and you may not even know it. He wrote "Shake A Tail Feather," and sang such uber-raunch cult classics as "Bacon Fat" (covered by the Cramps), "Greasy Chicken," and the epitome of songs about little girls, "Jail Bait." He worked at seminal labels such as Motown, Chess, and Fortune. He wrote songs for, or produced folks Ike Turner, Parliament/Funkadelic, Edwin Starr and Stevie Wonder.
After a few hard years in... er... retirement, he stormed back in the late 90's with a record of smutty garage punk called Silky recorded with members of the Demolition Doll Rods and the Dirt-Bombs. Since then he has recorded with the Sadies, Jon Spencer, Two-Star Tabernacle (which included a very young Jack White) and many others. His resurgence of popularity (and notoriety) continues as he tours the world. Andre tells it like it is, and if you get all bashful and shit with the blue language, you might want to steer clear. Don't let the shtick fool you, though, the man has put together some of the most bad-ass soul shakers in the history of music. He strips away all the bells and whistles and shoots musical arrows right to your goodie spot. Music at its most feral. Also, Andre shows generally feature at least one costume change. That can't be said about a lot of folks these days. "Williams has twice the swagger and three times the guts of almost anyone a third of his age." —Tucson Weekly

Many thanx to LIMBURG for this GREAT contribution


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