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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The A-Bones - The life of Riley (Japanese issue)

The A-Bones - The life of Riley (Japanese issue)

In Flac - Covers are included

As proprietors of the reliably terrific Norton label (home of Hasil Adkins and countless Link Wray reissues) and the estimable if infrequent Kicks fanzine, Brooklyn's Billy Miller and (onetime Cramps skin-beater) Miriam Linna have built their deep-rooted affinity for trashy, primitive rock'n'roll and R&B into a mini-empire. As frontman and drummer, respectively, of New York's Zantees and A-Bones, the couple put their love of stone-age sounds into practice, delivering unpretentiously greasy lo-fi fun that's consistently engaging in its try-anything spirit

1. That Jim 2. Sham Rock 3. My Dawgy Heap 4. The Bee 5. Monkey's Uncle 6. Satellite Dish 7. Time Machine 8. Rough Cut 9. She's Gotta Be Boss 10. Jugue 11. El Kabong 12. Button Nose 13. I've Fallen (And I Can't Get Up) 14. Go Betty Go 15. Go Go Go For Louie's Place 16. Darlene 17. Devil Dance 18. A-Bomb Bop 19. Mumbo Jumbo 20. Spinning My Wheels 21. Lug Nuts 22. I'm snowed 23. I've fallen (a capella)'91.rar.html


Woody said...

I love this!!!! Thank you very much!!!

Pep Sonic said...

Gracias RatBoy, siempre es un placer pasarse por este blog y ver los fantásticos discos que compartes. Thank you very much for this.

limburg said...

This is Great.

Thanks Again!!!!!

lmelis said...

Loved it.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Gracias por este gran disco y por todos los que has posteado anteriormente. Me has descubierto bandas maravillosas.

Anonymous said...

Link is already down!
Can you PLEASE reupload it ?
ThanX in advance !

ratboy69 said...

Link works perfectly!'91.rar.html