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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stiletto Boys - Rockets And Bombs

Stiletto Boys - Rockets And Bombs

@320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Killing Me 2. Triple Two Stroke 3. Dont Cry For Me 4. Rockets And Bombs 5. It's About Time 6. 8-Track 7. Die For You 8. 455 SD 9. Sirens 10. Dont Stop 11. Five Finger Fury 12. Suicide 13. 8-Track 14. Second To None 15. Saturday Nite 16. Dont Stop 17. Attitude Adjuster 18. Its Happening 19. Sirens 20. Late Today 21. Stiletto Boys Five Finger Fury 22. Hollywood 23. Suicide
"The Stiletto Boys are rocknroll at its absolute finest!! They possess the kind of infectious, toe-tapping, bouncy energy that most bands would kill for. Take the Dead Boys/Heartbreakers punk rocknroll fury and inject it with classic power pop and rocknroll melodic power ..." (Now Wave Magazine) CD contains first 2 EP's and one previous unreleased EP as bonus (11 tracks).


Anonymous said...

I've the vinyl version of this album!!!They're really a great band, one of my favorite ever!!! I hope you can post other albums of them!!!
Really thanks!!! Cheers from Italy!!!
marco 1970

Pep Sonic said...

Gracias Ratboy, me ha gustado, como todo lo que pones. Solamente con la versión que Stiletto Boys han elegido para incluirla en el cd se adivinan por donde van los tiros. Me refiero a la versión de Raido Birdman. Un saludo y gracias. Thank you very much for the music.

A said...

They are currently in the process of mixing their third album (Liberator) and the new songs are AWESOME...different from Rockets and Bombs, but AWSOME!!! Can't wait for the final mixes to be released to the world!

Anonymous said...

There is a little known story about the cover. The bass player on this album (Garvin) and I (Casey -drums) were roommates back then, and we were a bit intoxicated when we decided to smash a guitar he had once given as a gift to his ex-girlfriend. It was a Gibson, as you can see... We piled some stuff in the middle of our apartment, he grabbed the guitar and I grabbed a bike frame and we smashed everything in sight. The next morning, we awoke to a disaster in our living room. I also pierced Garvin's nipple with a hammer and nail that night as well. The Saints ablum was an accidental casualty as one would imagine, we were heartbroken about that. So, we put it in the picture along with one of our other previous singles and some of the carnage. And boom, we had the album cover. Also, if you have a copy of the actual LP, you will note that the record itself has the same color scheme as seen on the smashed Saints album in the picture. Thanks for your positive comments. AND YES, we are working on Liberator, the third album to be released on Zodiac Killer records; stay tuned... Casey

ratboy69 said...

Hey Casey, Thanx for this very interesting story! Even if, as a guitar player, i can't help feeling it's a shame about the Gibson:-))))))

When "Liberator" is completed, do not hesitate to get in touch with me and i'll be more than happy to make some advertising for the new record on the right side of this blog (NO download, mind you!)