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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Kwyet Kings - Firebeat

The Kwyet Kings - Firebeat (reupped by request)
In WAV - Covers are included

1.Ain't Nobody's Business 2.I Say Yeah 3.You Got What I Want 4.In Love With You 5.Open Up Your Door 6.Seven 7.Let Me Tell You 8.Can't Go On 9.Gonna Make You Smile Again 10.Need You, Baby

The KWYET KINGS were one of the handful of bands fronted by Arne Thelin. Back in 1994 the Kwyet Kings had Knut 'Euroboy' Schreiner on guitar, Kåre Pedersen (from Kåre And The Cavemen/EUROBOYS) on bass, plus Otto Gamst (from The Cutbacks) on the drums and Pål Andreassen (ex-Cosmic Dropouts) on second guitar. Between 1993 and 1995 this line-up recorded numerous singles and released two full-length albums 'Firebeat' and 'Cherrypie'on That's Entertainment Records. When Arne Thelin located to Thailand to work in tele engineering - and Knut quit to take upon full-time employment in Turbonegro - the band paused for a while, and released a late third album in 1999 with a new line-up.
And a bonus for you to compare with the original version of "Let me tell you"

this is not my rip, found it floating in the air.
Artist : Firebeats, Inc.
Country : Norway
Album : Firebeat, Inc.
Year : 1967
Style : r & b, beat, pop rock
MP 3Quality : 320 kbps
Tracklist :
01. Don’t Throw Stones02. Why Have I That Feeling03. Let Me Tell You04. Little Girl05. Goodbye To This World06. More And More Each Day07. It’s No Matter How I Try08. Trying To Make You See09. I Can’t Find Nobody10. Baby, Go Home11. Hemmeling Agent12. Don’t Believe Them13. Jack The Ripper14. Alone Again15. Funny Things16. I Never Then The Sun Could Shine So Brightly On Night17. This Rain18. The Girl That I Depend On19. Crying20. I Didn’t Know


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Marco said...

Thank you very much RatBoy. Great the Kings and great great great The Firebeats!!!

Oscarkotj said...

Killer bands, I played in my Ruidos en el Trastero "Let me tell you" by Firebeats any weeks ago


Cositronico said...

Thank you RatBoy69. Thankx for this two albums.

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!