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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Dawgs - My Town

The Dawgs - My Town
In WAV - Covers are included
A1 My Town
A2 Little Too White
A3 Starring in My Dreams
A4 So Satisfied
A5 The Midnight Moon
B1 Like You Do Me
B2 Chicken
B3 It's All Down (Black and White)
B4 Shoe Shine
B5 All-American Beauty Queen

In the mid 1980s, the Boston area produced a small handful of bands that followed in the wake of Beantown's Real Kids; rootsy bands with solid original material, playing in a no frills manner. One of the best were the Dawgs. Fronted by songwriter, singer, guitarist Phil Haynen, he was the spiritual leader, supplying the songs and the energy that fueled this scrappy little quartet. Haynen's raspy voice is the featured instrument on everything here, giving detail to the garbage can drums and transistor radio sounding guitars. Except for bass player's Punk Larcom poppish vocal turn on Haynen's "Starring In My Dreams," this is one bleak album that still holds out that smidgeon of belief for the flower growing out of the pavement in the middle downtown Beantown. Hard to find in either U.S. or foreign incarnations, but a cult band well worth the search to find. (All Music Guide)


fern01 said...

Good band playing at the music that became so well in the eighties. I love the voice of Phil Haynes. Do you have anything more than Haynes in lossless? Thanks Ratboy

Oscarkotj said...

A fave, and now rave up made a records about The Dawgs

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!


DEE DEE said...

Not as good as the Real Kids but it really rocks! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeahh... The dawgs were one of my boston's fave bands and Boston was a prolific place at this time.
Too bad that Phil Haynen died from cancer a few years ago...


Anonymous said...

many fanx!!!!!!!!!
great band aaaaaaaa


Anonymous said...

I was a friend,roomate,first roadie and atrue fan rip phil love to all the dawgs rock on chris s

Anonymous said...

The dawvs played at my wedding in 1979. I remember many nights going to the Rat to see them play