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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Jaybirds - Naked As The Jaybirds

The Jaybirds - Naked As The Jaybirds @ 320 kbps - Covers are included 1. Over your shoulder 2. Look out baby 3. Take your chance 4. Vented feelings 5. I try to find 6. Most likely you'll go your way 7. Anything you do 8. Sixty minutes 9. Femme fatale 10. Naked as a Jaybird 11. Nancy's Minuete 12. Mr. Ryan 13. A big thing 14. Boy meets girl storyline One of Europe's most authentic 60s style Psychedelic / Rhythm & Blues-Mod-bands are back right now with a brandnew full length album. This album contains 14 songs and is perhaps their deepest and smartest one. Here it all comes together. Psychedelic- Pop , R&B , great guitar riffs, and Piano and Harp contributions, but also some ultra catchy 60's ballads for a new summer of love. So polish your chelsea boots, shake your ass and dance with your girlfriend ! LINK REMOVED BY REQUEST of Michael / Time For Action Records

Thursday, December 23, 2010

David Johansen

David Johansen
in flac - Covers are included

1. Funky But Chic 2. Girls 3. Pain In My Heart 4. Not That Much 5. Donna 6. Cool Metro 7. I'm A Lover 8. Lonely Tenement 9. Frenchette 10. The Rope

David Johansen's solo record has to go down as one of the most overlooked albums in music. Released only a few years after the disintegration of the New York Dolls, Johansen returns with a true masterpiece. Each song sounds unique, but they collectively fit together perfectly bouncing between the self-assured I'm a Lover and Girls to the sorrow of Donna to the world weary and ultimately triumphant Frenchette. As great as the two Dolls albums were, David Johansen still surpasses those albums by being more consistent from start to finish. For all the talk of Johansen and Thunders being the next Jagger/Richards, this album delivers more of a Stones style than anything the Dolls did before or David has accomplished since. Great lyrics, roaring guitars and David's vocals never sounded better. "Funky But Chic" will be included on the NEW YORK DOLLS' forthcoming record, check it out here:

Download link:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

De Keefmen - Mirror Of Time (2010)

De Keefmen - Mirror Of Time
in flac - Covers are included
1. Searchin'
2. Doreen
3. I Need Help!
4. Can't You See?
5. Miss You 1:57
6. Sickles And Hammers
7. The Hurtin' Kind
8. Stop Pushin' Me
9. Your Love Is An Illusion
10. I Wanna Tell Her
11. Mirror Of Time
12. Stop Lovin' You
13. Be A Keefman
14. Not The Same
Formed out of the ashes of The Miracle Men, this 'Nederbeat' group play sixties-influenced Garage beat as authentically as their Dutch progenitors The Outsiders, Q65 and The Golden Earrings. The debut album from De Keefmen highlights a killer batch of songs filled with great grungy guitar riffs with, of course, the essential hint of the Dutch sixties Nederbiet sound, all bolstered by the excellent raw soul voice of the singer Henri. This is an authentic sounding collection of tracks that sounds like a long-lost classic. And despite being a lo-fi, this record is not at all low quality. It features a number of very strong original compositions of their own alongside a couple of very well chosen covers

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Swingin' Neckbreakers - Live for Buzz

The Swingin' Neckbreakers - Live for Buzz
in flac - Covers are included

Thinkin' Man's Girl
Same All Over The World
Take Your Life
I Took My Baby Home
Shake It Some More
Little Pink Medicine
Boss Hoss
I Live For Buzz
She's Ready To Go Now
Little Bitty Corrine
You're Lying
Saturday's Best
The Girl Can't Dance/Look Away
"Live for Buzz," the 1993 debut album by the mighty trio from Trenton, N.J., The Swingin' Neckbreakers -- one of the best bands the three-decades-old garage scene ever produced. The group has it all; a killer name (taken from old pro wrestler Ken Patera's signature move), most excellent taste in remakes (read on), solid guitar bashing (Don "Shaggy" Snook for the first two albums, Jeff Jefferson since), a drummer (John Jorgenson) who puts Bamm-Bamm Rubble to shame -- and a fiery frontman (John's brother Tom Jorgensen, the bassist) who can take the "sat" out of "Saturday night" with one shout into his microphone, be it live or in the studio. And at 6-foot-something, with a mouth big enough to give Steven Tyler a run, Tom looks ready to swallow his big ol' industrial-strength mic whole -- if he doesn't scream it into oblivion first.
"Live for Buzz" was a revelation to garageheads in the early '90s, and it hasn't aged much since (even if we have). This is still a disc powerful enough to shake a few neck bolts and lower vetrebrae loose and send you home hoarse, creaky knees pulverized, by the time you're done dancing to it. Their cover songs are so obscure by mainstream standards (even a Kinks tune, "I Took My Baby Home") that they've had no trouble making them their own: "Boss Hoss" by The Sonics, "Thinkin' Man's Girl" by Lord Luther, "The Girl Can't Dance" by Bunker Hill, "Same All Over the World" by '60s Connecticut teen band The Squires, "Shake It Some More" by Tony Sheridan. And their originals ("You," "Little Pink Medicine," "Take Your Life" and the title cut) are flat-out incendiary.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Horehounds - Rock Out With The Horehounds

The Horehounds - Rock Out With The Horehounds
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1 Rocknroll Tonight
2 End Of The Ramones
3 Lost In Life
4 Nothin' To Lose
5 My One And Only
6 Rocknroll Reputation
7 Golddigger
8 Pleased To Meet You
9 Hot Wheels
10 Bft (big Fuckin' Tits)
11 Snatch
12 The Stalker
13 Love Me Like Before
14 You Tore Me Down
15 No Time For You (live)
16 Ex-sex Thing
17 No Time For You
18 Oh Yeah!
19 Used, Abused, And Confused
20 Love It Or Leave It!
21 Rock Out!
22 Death By The Gun
23 She's All Mine
24 Slicked Back Hair
25 One-handed Love Affair
26 The Beast

The second release of Norfolk's, 'Last hope for rocknroll!' It's a double album on one cd. The remixes of the first album, the second album, one live track and some extra tracks. Special guest Horehounds', the Legendary Steve Baise, Rock Out Greg, and many others join Sambone RNRMF with this awesome release on Wankin' Stiphs record label.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The wylde mammoths - Things that matter (vinyl rip)

The wylde mammoths - Things that matter (vinyl rip)
WAV - Covers are included
1 Things That Matter
2 Run From Her
3 Ain't No Use
4 Have You For My Own
5 Make Up Your Mind
6 Good Love
7 It's The Same All Over The World
8 C'mon Little Girl
9 The Other Way Around
10 Someone Like Me
11 Down And Out
12 Two Kinds Of People
13 I Need You
14 I Cried Like A Child

Some swedish garage at his best on Crypt Records.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


WILD FUZZ + FARFISA ORGAN = THEE MARTIAN BOYFRIENDS Click on the advert on the right to buy this gem of 60's garage!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seger Liberation Army - Down Home

Seger Liberation Army - Down Home
in flac - Covers are included

1 Heavy Music
2 Chain Smokin'
3 3.2+2=?
4 East Side Story
5 Down Home
6 Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
7 Get Down On Your Knees
8 Florida Time

I probably shouldn't say this but I own all Bob Seger's albums till "Against the wind", after that, as far as i'm concerned Good ol' Bob went downhill. But for those of you who still don't know it, with the BOB SEGER SYSTEM, the man deserve due respect because he wrote some of the meanest motherfuckin' songs ever.
Bantam Rooster frontman, one time Dirtbombs member and proud Michigander Tom Potter along with Mr. Jim Diamond and Clutters dude Fred Beldin know exactly what I'm talkin' about and decided it was time to show those who don't know the Seger that RIGHTFULLY gives him the title of a Michigan musical legend. Recorded in two sessions that include takes not only on the Systems Detroit FM standards til this day "Heavy Music" and "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" and total classic "Down Home" but even more obscure tunes of the Last Herd ("2+2=?", "Chain Smokin'" and "East Side Story"), "Get Down On Your Knees" (a song he wrote for the Underdogs in the mid 60's) and "Florida Time" originally credited to a band Seger had called the Beach Bums where Jim takes the lead vocals and cool car tire spinning out sound effects. All songs here are played with a fire that equals that of the original records.