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Monday, June 28, 2010

The wayouts - psychotic retraction

The wayouts - psychotic retraction (Vinyl rip)
wav - Covers are included

Garage from Belgium. Definitely not as good as the ever so brilliant Thee MARTIAN BOYFRIENDS, whose debut cd should be released on Lost in Tyme in the fall, (check them out and remember where you read it first!!!!!!) but this record has some fine moments: "You never had it better", "Goin' all the way"

Click on the picture to see the complete tracks listing

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Dogs - Too much class for the neighbourhood

The Dogs - Too much class for the neighbourhood
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1. Shakin' With Linda
2. Wanderin' Robin
3. The Most Forgotten French Boy
4. Gone Gone Gone
5. Sandy Sandy
6. Death Lane
7. M.A.D.
8. Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood
9. Home Is Where I Want To Be
10. The Train Kept-A-Rollin'
11. Hesitation
12. Lonesome Angie
13. Poisoned Town
14. When I Came Home
15. Dog Walk

Someone asked for the credits of the songs, here they are:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Dogs - Legendary Lovers

The Dogs - Legendary Lovers
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1. Little Johnny Jet
2. Everything But Love
3. Never Come Back
4. Secrets Écouter
5. I' M Just Losing That Girl
6. Can'T Find My Way
7. M.A.U.R.E.E.N.
8. If You Don'T Want Me No More
9. Bird Doggin'
10. Be My Lover
11. I Got Somebody
12. Legendary Lovers
13. Secrets (Version Française)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Dogs - Shout

The Dogs - Shout
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1. Pah-Pah-Ooh-Pah-Ooh
2. One Way Ticket
3. I Wanna Be With The Boys
4. When I Was Young
5. Somebody
6. Hey Belinda
7. Good Morning Do You Love Me
8. Shop Around
9. A Different Me
10. Shout
11. Down At Lulu'S
12. Mon Coeur Bat Encore

Si les Dogs avaient été un groupe anglo-saxon, ils seraient depuis belle lurette réédités chez Rhino, Ace ou Sundazed, avec packaging classieux et remaster haut de gamme (ce qui est quand même le cas des deux premiers albums) ; si les Dogs avaient été un groupe anglo-saxon, on peut supposer que des chansons comme "Too Much Class", "The Most Forgotten French Boy", "Secrets", "Everything But Love" (pour n'en citer qu'une poignée) auraient figuré sans problème sur le "Children of Nuggets" où, loin de faire pâle figure aux côtés des Flamin' Groovies, Nerves et Barracudas, elles auraient encore élevé le niveau.

Manque de bol, les Dogs qui avaient tout bon (le son, les guitares Rickenbacker, le look et les influences soignées, du rythm'n blues des Isley Brothers à la power pop des Nerves) étaient français. Un groupe français qui refusait de faire dans la variété (crime impardonnable), et, plus grave, qui s'obstinait à chanter en anglais. Un groupe qui prenait le rock'n roll au sérieux, tout simplement, refusant de verser dans l'hommage à demi parodique qui caractérise la plupart des groupes français, même les meilleurs.

Ce qui reste vrai, c'est que ces trois albums-là sont les meilleurs du groupe, que "Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood" est un hymne qui vaut "Blank Generation", que Shout est un faux live qui dépote bien, et que ce coffret un peu cheap (pochettes en carton basique, qui ont toutefois le bon goût de reproduire les vinyles) propose le meilleur du rock'n roll en France, pour un prix dérisoire. Alors faites ce qu'il vous reste à faire.......

Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thee Wylde Oscars - Right, Yeah

Thee Wylde Oscars - Right, Yeah @ 320 kbps - Covers are included 1. Introduction 2. Right, Yeah 3. Big Bad Wolf 4. White Light, White Heat 5. I Got A Feeling 6. New Direction 7. What About Me 8. Why Do We Have To Meet In The Dark 9. Nobody Can Tell Us 10. Live Wired 11. L.O.L. 12. It’s Inside 13. All For Naught Jay Wiseman has been celebrating 1960s garage rock for decades now. The veteran frontman enjoyed cult fame in the San Diego bands The Trebles in the ’80s and The Hoods in the ’90s. Since relocating to Australia 10 years ago, he has played in a band called The King Hits and surely dabbled elsewhere. Now he’s popped up as the lead guitarist, primary songwriter, and often singer of the Melbourne quartet Thee Wylde Oscars. Dodgy name aside, it’s a rowdy continuation of the specific vintage of music Wiseman holds so dear. Rounded out by three young guns, all of whom have adopted the last name Wylde for the album credits, the band has a jumpy, hungry sound on this debut album. They’re never touched by the melancholy of labelmates The Frowning Clouds, and there’s not a ballad in sight. There’s also none of their namesake’s trademark wit, which probably would have plunged this into pure kitsch. No, these are straight romps, all blurting hooks and plain-as-day lyrics shot directly from the hip. More often than not they’re expressions of romantic frustration – from the mid-album knockout ‘What About Me’ to the SMS-inspired ‘L.O.L.’. Wiseman has long favoured the harmonica, and the instrument is most prominent on the closing ‘All For Naught’, the only song written jointly between all four members of the band. There’s a trio of far-flung covers here, starting with the lighthearted threats of Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s ‘Big Bad Wolf’. The band later downplays the unhinged menace of ‘Nobody Can Tell Us’ by ’70s German punk outfit Pack, while retaining its anthemic defiance. The wild card, though, is a version of The Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light, White Heat’. Minus the druggy drone and chug of the original, it feels even older than it is, like something Chuck Berry or Little Richard might have cooked up. mp3:


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Question Mark & The Mysterians - Do You Feel It

Question Mark & The Mysterians - Do You Feel It
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1. Do You Feel It
2. Smokes
3. Make You Mine
4. Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
5. I Need Somebody
6. Do Something To Me
7. Why Me
8. Go To
9. Girl (You Captivate Me)
10. Ten O'clock
11. Don't Tease Me
12. Love Me Baby (Cherry July)
13. Midnight Hour
14. 96 Tears
15. I'll Be Back
16. "8" Teen
17. Ain't No Shame
18. Don't Break This Heart Of Mine
19. Up Side

It's good to see these Michigan garage rockers back after taking 35 years off. Damn, has it been that long since 96 tears? With that garagey sound that falls somewhere between Sir Douglas and Sam the Sham, these guys haven't lost a bit of their youthful energy.And they do a 5 minute version of 96 tears here that's a killer. This cd is soooo much fun. It never loses it's energy thanks to the ? who entertains us throughout with his quick banter of little stories between each song that, of course always start with his trademark words baby baby. These guys really know how to play, and they haven't changed a bit. The 60's are sounding good again. Let me hear ya say yeah baaaaby!

Thanx to Inigo for this amazing contribution

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Chesterfield Kings - Live On Stage...If You Want It

The Chesterfield Kings - Live On Stage...If You Want It
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1. Up And Down
2. Sunrise (Turn On)
3. Transparent Life
4. Non- Entity
5. Flashback
6. Dawn
7. I Don't Understand
8. Gone
9. Sing Me Back Home
10. Drunkhouse
11. Stayed Too Long
12. Johnny Volume
13. Outtasite!
14. I Walk In Darkness
15. Rock N' Roll Murder
16. I'm So Confused, Baby

Upstate New York's Chesterfield Kings landed upon the growing punk/new wave scene in the late '70s with an unbelievably raw '60s rhythm & blues sound that borrowed heavily from pre-1966 Rolling Stones. The group, so unlike any other underground sensations of the period, arguably kickstarted the entire '80s garage rock revival, which flourished in small circles until the end of the decade.
After releasing two scene-defining LPs, Here Are the Chesterfield Kings and Stop!, the combo changed its lineup and sound. With only singer Greg Prevost and bassist Andy Babiuk remaining from the Kings' 1979 incarnation, the band rescinded its promise never to sound like anything from rock's post-1966 history, and began to generate a '70s Rolling Stones/Flamin' Groovies hard rock image and sheen, which culminated in its 1994 LP, Let's Go Get Stoned, a sendup/tribute of post-Aftermath Rolling Stones. Still, the Kings have never drifted too far from their garage band roots, and the group's subsequent albums, which include Don't Open Til Doomsday (1997), Where the Action Is (1999), The Mindbending Sounds of the Chesterfield Kings (2003), and Psychedelic Sunrise (2007), have all been cut from the same fabric. ~ Matt Carlson, All Music Guide
PW = Toxxy
Thanx to Toxxy for this great contribution

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Above

The Above

1. What She Said
2. Bollywood Woman
3. Walked Out On Me
4. Don't Believe In the Light
5. Special Somethin'
6. Come Quick
7. West End Supermarket
8. Act Your Age
9. She's the Girl
10. You're Gonna Cry
11. Find Somebody New
12. It's Good

Brooklyn's newest ambassadors of garage, R&B, and freakbeat unveil their formidable debut record. Featuring raw guitars, soulful singing, wailing harmonica, and primitive pounding drums - in short a proper driving energetic rock'n'roll sound that will soon have you shaking like it's 1966.If you like the primal energy of early Who/Kinks/Creation, or just superfine rock 'n' roll, this record will surprise you and rock your socks off! As far as i'm concerned, this is already the album of the year.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Kongsmen - On Campus

The Kongsmen - On Campus
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

Karate Monkey
Chimpanzee Ride
The Zoo
Can Your Monkey Do The Dog
The Monkey's Uncle
King Kong
The Gorilla
Doin The Ape
Monkey Man
Monkeying Around
One Monkey (Don't Stop The Show)
Wooly Monkey Man

These creatures, which are similar to gorillas may have taken their banana milk possibly together with the constant stream of R&B, Northern Soul, 60's Pop and R'N'R. Because this is the only comprehensible reason in order to explain, why the sound of THE KONGSMEN follows just these music styles. But as to expect from such a bunch of wild gone apes, it is more rough, savage and crazy than the one from their human idols. Rude R&B meets Fratrock'N'Roll and 60's Punk, which is affected by the garage sound of the modern age.
THE KONGSMEN have a lasting relation to their conspecific, because songs like e. g. the dancefloor hit 'Karate Monkey' by Chubby Checker, the R&B all-time classic 'Chimpanzee' by COUNT YATERS, the funky Soul monster 'Can Your Monkey Do The Dog', which was arranged by numerous 60's Soul Bands like e. g. RUFUS THOMAS, the R&B scene hymn 'Monkey Men' by BABY HUE & THE BABYSITTERS or the Walt Disney classic to the correspondent film 'The Monkey's Uncle', played by THE BEACH BOYS & the exceptionally gifted ANNETTE FUNICELLO, speak for themselves.

Thanx to Inigo for this great contribution

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Early Hours - Lights Guitar Action

The Early Hours - Lights Guitar Action
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1. She's A Gogo
2. Get What I Want
3. Big Star
4. Hurtful
5. Burn Baby Burn
6. Dialled Off Her Mind
7. E.K. Special
8. Sunshine Changes Everything
9. Two Girls
10. This Is No Good
11. Baby
12. Groovy Kind Of Girl
13. I'm Drained
14. Hard Feelings
15. The Girl I Haven't Met
16. She's Where It's At
17. We Ain't Connected
18. I Wonder If You'll Ever Be Mine
19. Christianne
20. Step Back In Time
21. Best You Leave
22. The Girl I Haven't Met
23. Happenin' Kid Today
24. Hard Feelings
25. Lonely With You
26. Soon Be Back
27. Adult Attraction

Hailing from Perth, Australia, THE EARLY HOURS played garage-tinged powerpop thru the mid to late 90’s. They released two studio albums as well as notching up two European tours.
Collected here you’ll find all the tracks from the band’s two albums, “Top 10 Hits”and “Evolution”plus three tracks from their Screaming Apple 7”“I’m Drained”.
All 27 tracks carefully remastered from original studio tapes.THE EARLY HOURS are a must for fans of DM3, THE STEMS, and quality Australian powerpop!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Rubinoos - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About cd1 REUP by REQUEST

The Rubinoos - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About cd1
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

Disc: 1
1. Gorilla 2. I Think We're Alone Now 3. Leave My Heart Alone 4. Hard to Get 5. Peek-A-Boo 6. Rock and Roll Is Dead 7. Memories 8. Nothing a Little Love Won't Cure 9. Wouldn't It Be Nice 10. Make It Easy 11. I Never Thought It Would Happen 12. Fallin' in Love 13. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 14. Promise Me 15. Hold Me 16. Ronnie 17. Drivin' Music 18. Operator 19. Jennifer 20. Arcade Queen 21. Lightning Love Affair 22. 1, 2, 3 Forever 23. As Long as I'm with You 24. Rhythm of Love 25. Rendezvous 26. Rock and Roll Is Dead [Demo Version]
Tommy Dunbar and Jon Rubin Formed the Rubinoos While Still in Junior High School.The Rubinoos Made their Recording Debut with the Song "Gorilla", on the Beserkley Chartbusters LP. Continuing the Trend of Bands Such as the Raspberries with their Engaging Blend of Innocent Bubblegum and Power Pop, their Cover of Tommy James’ ‘i Think We’re Alone Now’ Made an Appearance in the Lower Reaches of the USA Charts which Gave the Label Its First Hit.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Del Moroccos - Blue Black Hair

Del Moroccos - Blue Black Hair
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1. Baby Doll
2. He Knocks Me Out
3. That's A Pretty Good Love
4. I Don't Know
5. Don't Break My Heart
6. Daddy You Lied To Me
7. I Want Some More
8. Blue Black Hair
9. I'd Rather Go Blind
10. El Tren De La Costa
11. Skinny Jimmy
12. Action Packed
13. That's All You Gotta To Do
This incredible eclectic mix of '50s style r&b, rockabilly, girls group sound, jump blues, swing, Latin beat, etc. is a unique amalgam of styles and sounds that you won't hear from any other American band. Put Bill Haley, Big Joe Turner, Big Maybelle, Ronnie Dawson, and The Crystals into a blender, mix 'em up good, and you will have the Del Moroccos. This is just plain fun music that will have you dancing in your living room.