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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tattooed Millionaires - Armed & Hammered (reup)

Tattooed Millionaires - Armed & Hammered (reup)
Lossless format (ape) - NO COVERS (it was sold that way!!!!)
01. Subsonic
02. Teenage Love
03. I Just Want The Drugs
04. Laid in the USA
05. Freedom To Rock
06. All I Want Is You
07. Next Big Thing
08. Gimme Good Head
09. Dance To The Sound
10. How Big Is Your Rock'n'Roll Heart?
Tattooed Millionaires is a glam, punk band hailing from Hollywood California. Their second effort Armed & Hammered is a short one. Clocking in just shy of 29 minutes in length.This CD will immerse you in a punk/sleaze mixture with catchy tunes and ripping guitar solos. And to quote Nekrodad "they're like faster pussycat trying to be punk n roll". So ,if you're that type of guy , you should give this a listen.


nekrodad said...

thanks, im not sure if they deserve a hanoi type comparison. they like a lil more queer. but im going to test this bad boy out.

thank you my good sir.

nekrodad said...

hello major,

i am playing this band now and they are not too hanoi type. they dont get it right. more like faster pussycat trying to be punk n roll. but they are ok.

just wanted to let you know my silly thoughts on the post.



ratboy69 said...

Better silly thoughts than no thoughts at all, ain't it? :-))))

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for posting and responding to my email, really appreciate it!

BigScott1962 said...

How does one open these "APE" files? I don't seem to have anything that will do it.....

ratboy69 said...

convert APE into WAV with