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Monday, July 26, 2010

Imperial State Electric

Imperial State Electric
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

01. A Holiday From My Vaction (3:47)
02. Lord Knows I Know That It Ain't Right (3:03)
03. Resign (3:31)
04. Throwing Stones (3:17)
05. I'll Let You Down (3:06)
06. I Got All Day Long (3:15)
07. Lee Anne (3:18)
08. Deja Vu (2:25)
09. Together In The Darkness (3:34)
10. Alive (3:09)
11. Diseased Pieces Of My Heart (3:44)
12. Redemption's Gone (2:58)

After the break-up of The Hellacopters in 2008, Andersson started to work on a solo album, recording all instruments of eight songs by himself, however Andersson changed his mind and decided that it would be better to form a band. Andersson recruted Dolf de Borst, Tobias Egge and Thomas Eriksson, all of which he had worked previouly with in Cold Ethyl a cover band he formed shortly after the break-up of The Hellacopters. During the recording of the bands self titled album Andersson also enlisted help from several old friends, including Dregen, Anders Lindström, Robert Pehrsson, Neil Leyton and others. While Andersson insists that Imperial State Electric is a band and not a solo career or a side project he also acknowledges the fact that the band might have a revolving line-up of members including himself on drums instead of guitar. My favorite track : "I'll Let You Down"


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great luck to listen before buy

really not so good


TikiGraham said...

I thought it was great - my vinyl copy's on the way