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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Fuzztones - Lysergic Legacy

The Fuzztones - Lysergic Legacy
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Johnson in a Headlock
2. Gotta Get Some
3. 1-2-5
4. Bad News Travels Fast
5. I Never Knew
6. Caught You Red Handed
7. Garden of My Mind
8. Romilar-D
9. Look for the Question Mark
10. Nine Months Later
11. Get Naked
12. This Sinister Urge
13. Ward 81
14. Hallucination Generation
15. Hurt on Hold
16. All the King's Horses
17. Strychnine
18. Third Time's the Charm
19. Heathen Set
20. Highway 69
21. Brand New Man
22. Action Speaks Louder Than Words
23. Cinderella
24. In Heat
25. She's Wicked

In terms of dogged perseverance, ignoring passing musical trends to stick to their chosen genre of 60s garage-psych for nearly 30 years, The FUZZTONES qualify as one of the ultimate cult bands, frugging somewhere between The Cramps and The Fleshtones. Formed out of downtown New York’s post-punk melting pot by singer (and only constant member) Rudi Protrudi, the group were named after the mid-60s foot pedal which distinguished the Stones’ Satisfaction, making their recording debut with 1984 single Bad News Travels Fast, on which guitarist Elan Portnoy is credited with “lead grunge” years before the Seattle explosion. The following year saw their debut album, Lysergic Emanations, reaffirming their trademark sound of mysterioso Farfisa organ, sneering vocals and dirty guitar riffs, which has continued until the present on different labels with changing line-ups.With their huge back catalogue and eventful history, The Fuzztones deserve the box set-with-booklet treatment. Meanwhile, LA’s Cleopatra has cobbled together this highly-entertaining release, starting with the first single and featuring another 24 tracks, with highlights including a belting live version of Action Speaks Louder Than Words, spooked Ward 81 (whose video inspired the Ramones’ Psycho Therapy) and Gotta Get Some, one of many tracks which capture that 60s garage production to an uncanny degree.


Brandonio! said...

I gotta agree with the box set-with-booklet treatment comment made.

Ricard BCN said...

It's an interesting compilation. Thanks Ratboy!

Suave said...

Thanky you mister. Great compilation. Killeer fuzz!!!!

Shawn said...

Thanks for this post Ratboy. Fuzztones are manic energy on vinyl!

Pep Sonic said...

Fabulosa recopilación que tendré que estudiar para ver si hay alguna novedad respecto de los discos. Como siempre un gran aporte amigo Ratboy. Merci.