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Friday, July 30, 2010


in wav - Covers are included
1. Mighty Idy
2. Bad Attitude
3. Watch For Me Girl
4. Cinderella
5. Don't Jump Me Mother
6. Destroyer
7. Baby Boom
8. Out Of Our Tree
9. Border Line
10. Do Not Enter
11. From Home

Before Jeff "Monoman" Connolly formed Boston's seminal garage rock terrorists the Lyres,
he was in a late-'70s prototype known as DMZ. With the exception of a few musicians, DMZ
and the Lyres were essentially same-sounding bands; DMZ just played with a little more
speed and punk verve. Oddly enough, during the late-'70s signing frenzy of any band even
remotely associated with the punk scenes in Boston and New York City, DMZ got a shot with
Sire Records. The label, exhibiting near-total artistic myopia, teamed the band up with goofball
has-beens Flo and Eddie as producers. While the resulting record was panned, it's far from a
disaster, due mainly to DMZ's ferocity and trashy ebullience. Fans of mid-'60s rock and
speedy trash-rock and whiny Farfisa organs, will love DMZ.
Jeff Conolly - vocals, keyboards
Rick Coraccio - bass
Peter Greenberg - guitar
J.J.Rassler - guitar
Paul Murphy - drums


F said...


Pep Sonic said...

Un disco seminal de la escena de Boston y hoy por hoy mítico. De lo mejorcito de los 70s en este género. Un gran acierto de post amigo RatBoy. Merci.

Tony said...

Oh my freaking god.

I never connected the two bands before and yet -- I have seen both!

I saw DMZ at CBGB's in the late 1970's -- they wore tore up army uniforms...and had the pleasure of The Lyres at 9:30 club in D.C. circa 1984. The front singer played percussion on a vodka bottle, which broke...

Both shows were memorable! Which means, I can still remember parts of them. Can't say that about everyone!

Nice blog, btw. Thanks.