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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sonny Vincent - PINS

Sonny Vincent - P.I.N.S

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Evil Twin 2. Struttin Around 3. Two Sided Jack Ass 4. Twilight (Starry Eyes, Starry Night) 5. Sweet to Me 6. Bond Street 7. Think for Yourself 8. Out of Your Head 9. Right On 10. Drug Binge 11. Jims and an Angel 12. Good Day for Rock 13. Shoot the TV 14. Interview 15. Untitled track

Native New Yorker and lifelong rocker Sonny Vincent is a testament to the spirit of music. Living illegally at age 13 in a girls' dormitory, playing guitar and singing by age 14, and in and out of reform schools not soon after, Vincent rocked harder before he was 18 than most people do in a lifetime.


German said...

Thank you for all music. Another great post.

Merry Xmas.

Woody Dream said...

Thankx, i love sonny vincent and i love your blog, of course!!!

psycho said...

great post awesome. by chance do you have sonny's soul mates cd or any dons stuff he did many thanks

gardelic said...

Hi Ratboy!
I'm new to blogs and i think i've missed a lot! Yours is one of the best! Please could you relist some albums,especially surf, such as untamed youth,Ronny & the daytonas,sonic surf city,surfin' lungs,rip chords etc.Thank you in advance & keep walking!

Anonymous said...

anyway u could repost the sonny vincent stuff? great blog man!

ratboy69 said...

Sorry Dude! I sold the fucker, so i can no longer reup this.