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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Smugglers - In the Hall of Fame

The Smugglers - In the Hall of Fame

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Rock & Roll Was Never This Fun 2. Your Mom's the Devil 3. For My Lover 4. Bourbon '92 5. Sexy Thing 6. Alan Thicke 7. Miss Ludella Black 8. My Morrissey Shirt 9. Reid 10. Invitation Only 11. Canadian Ambassadors 12. Shake Down! 13. Flyin' Buttress of Love 14. Fun in the USA 15. Hey, Stephanie! 16. I Can't Be Satisfied 17. Make You Mine 18. Vancouver, BC 19. Calgarians Don't Dance 20. That Is Rock & Roll Vancouver, BC garage-punk combo the Smugglers was formed in 1988 by singer Grant Lawrence in tandem with guitarists David Carswell and Nick Thomas; bassist Adam Woodall and drummer Paul Preminger completed the original lineup, which issued their debut single "Up and Down" on the tiny Nardwuar label in 1990. Bassist Beez replaced Woodall for the ten-inch At Marineland, isssued the following year, while Bryce Dunn assumed Preminger's drumming duties for the 1992 LP Atlanta Whiskey Flats. In the Hall of Fame appeared a year later, and in 1994 the Smugglers issued a series of singles including "Tattoo Dave," "Gotta Gotta Gotta" and "Party...Party...Party...Pooper!" before closing out the year with the full-length Wet Pants Club. More singles including "Whiplash!" and "Senor Pantsdown" further expanded the group's prolific catalog, while the 1996 album Selling the Sizzle was issued as a joint release between Canadian indie Mint and its American counterpart Lookout. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide


Eric said...

somewhere I have the original album that they stole this cover from. At first I thought you had posted that!

Toxxy said...

Ahhh...Smugglers...great band, great tunes! Thx indeed for this one RatBoy AND for ALL your QUALITY posts in 2009! Happy New Year, best of luck in 2010 :-)

ratboy69 said...

ThANx a lot Toxxy! Happy New Year, best of luck in 2010 for you as well :-)

Toxxy said...

Cheers old buddy!