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Friday, December 11, 2009

John Hiatt - Slug Line-Two Bit Monsters

John Hiatt - Slug LIne-Two Bit Monsters

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. You Used to Kiss the Girls 2. Negroes Were Dancing 3. Slug Line 4. Madonna Road 5. (No More) Dancin' in the Street 6. Long Night 7. Night That Kenny Died 8. Radio Girl 9. You're My Love Interest 10. Take Off Your Uniform 11. Sharon's Got a Drugstore 12. Washable Ink 13. Back to Normal 14. Down in Front 15. I Spy (For the F.B.I.) 16. Pink Bedroom 17. Good Girl, Bad World 18. Face the Nation 19. Cop Party 20. Back to the War 21. It Hasn't Happened Yet 22. String Pull Job 23. New Numbers Listening to John Hiatt's music today, it's hard to believe that at the time these two albums were released, his record company had him positioned as some sort of Midwest version of Elvis Costello or Joe Jackson. Both albums are full of anger, bravado, revenge and guilt, precisely the types of emotions which fueled Costello and Jackson. On "(No More) Dancin' In The Street," Hiatt admonishes the mindless disco hordes with "Martha & The Vandellas showed you how to do as you please/Now all of you idiots are dancin' with The Bee Gees," but back then no one was listening. "Pink Bedroom" finds our hero railing against a prima donna whose world is filled with short shorts and import records and "The Night That Kenny Died" contains some pointed observations about a classmate with some particularly disgusting habits, like picking his nose. Not the type of material which seems destined for the charts, but Hiatt and his... band have created some very engaging, hooky pop on these two albums which, of course, died a quick death in the stores. Worth taking a chance on, although for my money, there's no risk involved. You'll love it!


Bill said...

Love Slug Line with Radio Girl and the Negroes were dancing. What great tunes; thank you.

Nick said...

holy shit, why have i never heard this before? great stuff, fits right in with costello, parker and co. from that time. thanks a lot!

A said...

I still have these on vinyl. Thanks for posting.