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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Shimmys - Drive You Wild!

The Shimmys - Drive You Wild!

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
Shimmys Intro (I Wettenhall) (0:46 m:s) He's So Wigged Out (The Shimmys) (2:48 m:s) High School Honey (The Shimmys) (2:24 m:s) Get Off The Road (H Lewis) (2:13 m:s) Go-Go Teen (I Wettenhall / The Shimmys) (2:21 m:s) Comanche (L Wray / G Milton) (2:08 m:s) Nobody But Me (Isley Brothers) (2:36 m:s) Cut You Down (I Wettenhall) (2:37 m:s) No Friend Of Mine (Sparkles) (2:43 m:s) Too Many Boys... So Little Time (The Shimmys) (2:30 m:s) Slow Down (L Williams) (2:47 m:s) Shimmys Outro (I Wettenhall) (0:54 m:s)

Three hot chicas from Australia play that real wylde, primitive garage-punk with the fuzz box turned to the max. Twelve prehistoric cavegirl tunes in the tradition of bands like the early PANDORAS, BROOD and DEL-MONAS, incl. covers of the Herschell Gordon Lewis theme songs from 'She devils on wheels', 'Get off the road, the old Link Wray classic 'Commanche', the ISLEY BROTHERS stomper 'Nobody but me', 'Slow down' by Larry Williams and the SPARKLES fuzz monster ' Ain't no friend of mine'. Let's get back to Bedrock! Yabba dabba dooh!!!
A million thanx to Iñigo for providing this cool music.


Alessandro said...

fantastic garage girl band! love it

Brandonio! said...

Cool! I gotta check this one out for sure.

limburg said...

Great Attitude!!!

Let´s hope that in the future they will sing more own songs insteed of covers!!!

Thanks Inigo and Ratboy!!!!