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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Revellions - The Revellions

The Revellions - The Revellions

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

The Revellions were forged amidst a haze of frustration and red neon lights in the early days of 2006. Coming from the dark,dank caverns of the Dublin garage underground they juggled about with a lineup and soon met wailing blues singer Ali Moore.The Revellions then lined up into attack formation and unleashed a wave of garage frenzy onto the unsuspecting publicThey recorded their eponymous debut album at the infamous Cirrco Perrotti studios in Spain,produced by Jorge Explosion(Dr. Explosion) & Mike Mariconda(The Raunch Hands), and released it on Dirty Water Records in late 2008 to excellent reviews.
or (requested by "anonymous")

Another million thanx to Iñigo for providing this cool music.


Anonymous said...

please Download on sharebee,


залейте пажалуйста на другой файлабменик

limburg said...

Thanks a lot guys,

Hey Ratboy, it looks like you have a great partner in crime.

Great Record for a Great blog!!!!

ratboy69 said...


Yes indeed. :-))) He provided many great stuff.


you will have to wait till wednesday when i'm back at work. Here at home my connection is too damn slow.

Anonymous said...

wow - would have expected more "buzz" in the scene for an album that great - thanx for this great release - maggothead

AFS said...

Try to learn portuguese and listen to some psychoshittrashfuck rock n roll:

Keep posting, some fine shit you have here!


Great record. Their kind of a mix of the Urges, The Strollers, and the Fuzztones. Excellent! Thanks for the introduction. I used to have you in my blogroll but I guess I must have removed you by accident.I dont always pay close attention to that stuff. I will re add you. Love your site, keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

hey Ratboy! many thanks=)

Ratboy бальшушее тебе спасиба что перезалил на sharebee!

JAGL said...

Que buena sorpresa me he llevado con este grupo. Buena estética y mejor música. Muchas gracias. Many thankx. Merci beaucoup.

sowminella said...

these guys are great! thank you!