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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Neanderthals - In Space

The Neanderthals - In Space

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Twist To The Moon (Moon Twist) 2. Across The Universe 3. Rock The Universe 4. Beep Beep 5. Girl On The Moon 6. Twistin' Out In Space 7. Man From Mars 8. Space Oddity 9. Rocket 10. Nasa'll Get It 11. Martian Hop 12. Skylab 13. Knocked Out Joint On Mars 14. Purple People Eater 15. He Never Came Back

Fifteen space-themed songs from neolithic rockers THE NEANDERTHALS. Highlights include a surf instro version of JOHN LENNON's 'Across The Universe', an electric sitar reading of DAVID BOWIE's ' Space Oddity', and a twist cover of LOUIE PRIMA´s 'Beep Beep'!!! Primitive stomping garage rock'n'roll from Jurassic Park to Uranus, starring Eddie Angel and Pete Curry of LOS STRAITJACKETS along with vocalist and drinking consultant Johnny Rabb.

Another great contribution by Iñigo. Thanx a bunch.

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Anonymous said...

Many thankx for this record. Another great Munster reference.