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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mark & The Spies

Mark & The Spies

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1.Try As I Might 2.Wait Forever 3.This Heart For Another 4.Another Chance 5.But I Do 6.Something's Gotta Happen 7.Misery 8.Everything I Need 9.If I Really Bug You 10.Be Patient 11.Money

MARK & THE SPIES, these sixties beat hitmakers, hailing from a little village in the Netherlands, started out as a rock'n'roll trio, only having a few vocal songs, but mostly instrumental Link Wray kinda stuff. After some gigs they broke up, reunited and broke up again. After that Mark (bass/vocals) and Arjan (guitar/vocals) started writing songs of their own. They found themselves a new drummer (Gerrit), a keyboard/saxophone player (Jelle) and things got finally pushed in the right direction. At the beginning of 2007 their first official release saw the light of day, a 7' EP on the Spanish label Butterfly Records and people all around the globe immediately started to rave about it. Because of their enthusiasm, energetic live performances and irresistible charms, these four guys are becoming more and more popular.


Anonymous said...

Thankx for this post. Fantastic, as usual here.


Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias. Gran garage de un grupo actual. Eres incombustible amigo. Merci.

Tomas said...

Many thankx. Mark and the Spies are a great garage band. I've liked this music a lot. All the best.