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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Drunkabilly Labelsampler Vol.2

Drunkabilly Labelsampler Vol.2

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1.Hot Boogie Chillun: What Happend To2.Caravans: Psychobilly Pop Star3.Fifty Foot Combo: The Snap Fastener4.Gecko Brothers: Funny Feelings5.Hetten Dès: Y.I.C.U.R.A.B.6.Baboons: Boogie Curse7.Hellsonics: Demon Queen8.Hot Boogie Chillun: Butterfly9.Moonshine Reunion: All Alone10.Runnin' Wild: Ice Cream Dream11.Fifty Foot Combo: Combodelica12.Nigel Lewis & the Zorchmen: Footsteps13.Milwaukee Wildmen: Strike Back14.Cenobites: Hellschool15.Nitro 17: Soft Like Velvet16.Gecko Brothers: Tequila In The Bluegrass

Some of the best (HOT BOOGIE CHILLUN - HETTEN DES) and the worst (Runnin' wild - Hellsonics) - but hell, that's what a labelsampler is all about- of this label, once home of "KISS MY WHEELS", the first cd by THE MIGHTY GORDINIS !!!

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