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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Booby Traps - Makin' It With

The Booby Traps - Makin' It With
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
Make It Stop! Searchin' Diddley Wrong Dig Your Attitude Long Way To Go L.A. Kinda Day Bad Reaction Going Nowhere What A Guy Can't Do
The Booby Traps long awaited second release "Makin' It with The Booby Traps" is without fail their finest recording to date.
The follow up to their successful and critically acclaimed self titled CD showcases the many influences and talents of the band. Although certainly entrenched in the 60's garage punk vein, their 2009 release finds us with an eclectic mix of self penned tunes in soul, west-coast pop and straight out rock'n'roll!
From the first track of 'Makin' It' the BT's are channelling The Who circa '65, 'Diddley Wrong' a skull bustin' Bo beat shaker, 'Long Way To Go' a tough soul dance stomper, 'Searchin'' a harmony soaked Mamas & Papas inspired tune & 'Bad Reaction' a snarling fuzz killer in typical '66 North West style...this is just a snap shot of the how this buzzin' beer coaster is going to hit your sub-woofers!
Another great contribution by Iñigo. Thanx a bunch.


Anonymous said...

New to great blog. The Dr Feelgood Going Home is great, but Roxette appears to a corrupted file. I appreciate any help you can give.

Anonymous said...

Fuzzarific!! Thanks !