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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Asteroid B-612 - Two Fisted Rock 'n' Roll

Asteroid B-612 - Two Fisted Rock 'n' Roll

@ 320 kbps - Covers in separate file

1. Hate Me Honey 2. I'm Not Ready 3. Tonight 4. Hounder 5. Undertow 6. Gasoline 7. Moody 8. I Like the Way 9. Chainsaw 10. Otherside 11. Hangin by a Thread 12. Blood Red 13. Try It 14. Love Kills 15. Clock With No Hands 16. Edge a Little Closer 17. People Like You 18. Plastic 19. 31st to the 2nd 20. Which Way? 21. Can I Touch It? 22. I'm Not Safe 23. Danny's Sister 24. I've Had You 25. Turn This Feeling Around 26. Sleepin' With the TV On 27. Teenage Lust 28. Crash Landing 29. Radio Interview 30. I've Had You 31. Gimme Some Truth 32. Shotdown 33. I Ain't No Miracle Worker 34. Fresh Rag

From Sydney's rock'n'roll heavyweights comes a re-issue of their first 2 albums - originally released on Dave Thomas's Destroyer label. This package contains re-mastered versions of their first two albums plus a whopping 15 bonus cuts including covers of RADIO BIRDMAN, MC5, SONICS and THE STOOGES and others!! cd1:

Another great contribution by Iñigo. Thanx a bunch.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff,thanks to you and your contributor!!

Anonymous said...

I totally love your blog!!
Thank you for all the fantastic tuneage you've posted!
I recently found an absolute gem of an artist/album that if you do not have or heard you will be very happy to possess and other fans of your blog will no doubt enjoy also. I used to have it on CD but stupidly sold it years ago and now have rediscovered it on another blog. PVC Punk Rock Berlin!!!!
I'm surprised this hasn't been posted on many other blogs as it should be a classic staple of the garage punk genre. Here's the link:
Get this classic while you can and spread it far and wide!!!

Thanks again, Ratboy69!

Anonymous said...

Mr ratboy
Please... the cd2 is not disponible. Could you available other link? Thxx a lot.

ratboy69 said...

I will try to fix this in September