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Monday, June 8, 2009

Satelliters - What's up with Timothy Dee

Satelliters - What's up with Timothy Dee?

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Beat Point 2. Trip Down the Strip 3. Make up My Mind 4. I Said Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 5. Once Before 6. I Tell You Lies 7. Time 8. Juicy Lucy 9. What's Up With Timothy Dee? 10. Movin' On 11. Talking About You 12. Can't Do It for You 13. 2+2 Equals ? 14. Wrong or Right 15. I'm Gonna Put You Down 16. Sultans Walk

and here :

download link:


Lobo said...

Thankx for this fantastic garage combo record. Always great post here. Cheers,

Curty Ray said...

You can find a couple of other Satelliters here!

Great post, Thanks for sharing

Curty Ray

limburg said...

Thanks for that one!!!!

I have not heard it yet, but I don´t think there will be any surprises. The Satelliters always rule!!!!

Hey Curty,

here Limburg from Trashistors blog

Love your blog, specially the "garage side" of it

Please send me your e-mail to share some surprises with you

Shock said...

Thanks for this one friend.
I love Satelliters and I never seen this album.

Lee Joseph said...

Hello - this has been reissued by Dionysus and is available on vinyl, and via iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc with royalties going to the band - can you please take down the link for the free download or possibly just leave ONE song up as a sample? Thanks from Lee at Dionysus!

ratboy69 said...

Man, this post was published in 2009! All the links are LONG dead! Notify me if you still find one alive.