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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mc5 - Human Being Lawnmower

Mc5 - Human Being Lawnmower

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Skunk [Studio Outtake][#] 2. Brother J.C. Intro [Grande Ballroom 10.27.1968] 3. Motor City Is Burning [October 1968] 4. I Believe to My Soul [October 1968] 5. Looking at You [Instrumental Alternate Take] 6. Gotta Keep Movin' [Studio Outtake] 7. Rama la Fa Fa Fa [October 1968] 8. Borderline [Studio Version- Flat Mix] 9. Over and Over [#][Instrumental][Demo Version] 10. American Ruse [Studio Outtake] 11. James Brown Medley [June 1968] 12. I'm Mad Like Eldridge Cleaver [October 1968] 13. Human Being Lawnmower [Studio Outtake] 14. What Is Zenta?

This one does have excellent quality out takes & alternative takes from "KIck Out the Jams"! That same show produced a cover of Ray Charles' "I believe to my soul" which, up until now, has not even been available as a bootleg! Also, you get the alts of "Moter City's burnin'" and "rama lama fa fa fa". At any rate, this is a solid collection for fans of this great band, and stands as an excellent companion piece to their three classic albums.


DEE DEE said...

Thank You my friend!

Anonymous said...

"My hometown is burning, ain't a thing in this world i can do". I didn't think anybody outside of motown gave crap about this stuff. Apparently not. But, over 200 DL's and one comment. As one who escaped the disaster called detroit, here's a comment. Thanks, bro.

Keep the beat,

Roger hippie said...