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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Maharajas - In pure spite

The Maharajas - In pure spite

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Repo Man2. One Man Team3. One Leg On Each Side4. Yeah Yeah5. Alaska Beach6. Can't Take It Anymore7. Suckerpunch8. On Hold (For Too Long)9. Not A New Sensation10. Maybe She Loves You?11. The Boy Inside12. I'm Going Home13. Split Personality14. Trapped

Here it is, the 4th album of swedish master garage band, THE MAHARAJAS!! "In pure spite" is a 14 track tour de force thru all the best elements of Rock'n Roll!! Fuzz loaded guitars, a swirling organ, tambourines & magic vocals. As on their previous albums THE MAHARAJAS find the perfect balance between faster garage rockers (like "not a new sensation" or "Yeah yeah") and moody earworms (like "one leg on each side" or "alaska beach")! For the one's unfamiliar with this band, here's the namedropping: Members used to play in legendary bands like CRIMSON SHADOWS, STOMACH MOUTHS, WYLDE MAMMOTHS, THE MAGGOTS & THE STROLLERS!!

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great ...! most of your posts are superb . where do you find all these bands ???