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Monday, April 20, 2009

Flamin' Groovies- Slow Death

Flamin' Groovies- Slow Death

@ 320 kbps covers in a separate file

1. Sweet Little Rock And Roller 2. Slow Death 3. Let Me Rock 4. Dog Meat 5. Blues From Phyllis 6. Jumpin' Jack Flash 7. Roll Over Beethoven 8. Shake Some Action 9. When I Heard Your Name 10. Tallahassee Lassie SLOW DEATH serves as the missing link between the Groovies blues-influenced Kama Sutra years and the British Invasion Sire years. The Groovies were inbetween labels, Roy Loney had just left the band (replaced by Chris Wilson), Danny Mihm was about to take a brief vacation from the music biz, and Cyril Jordan began setting the Groovies in a new direction musically.
This really may be the best the Groovies ever sounded: very tight Stones-on-amphetamines rock and roll. Jordan and James Ferrell simply rock out on guitar and Mihm and George Alexander show why they're the best rhythm combination the Groovies ever had.
The first four tracks ("Sweet Little Rock & Roller," "Slow Death," "Let It Rock" and "Dog Meat") don't stop for any limiting adjectives. Adding the demo version of "Shake Some Action" is icing on the cake.
Yeah, the sound quality ain't the best, but be thankful these rehearsal tapes even exist. This was a powerful band which never quite reached this level of excitement again.

here are the covers:
PS: special thanx to Curty Ray for the music.


Diving Dwarf said...

Ya'll best git this shit, or ya'll r fuckin missin the fuck out! Good show, mate

limburg said...

Nice to see that you found it!!!
Right now it will be my second listening after The Woggles tonight!!!

Thanks Ratboy and Curty Ray

Anonymous said...

Outside of the KICK-ASS music, I love Flamin' Groovies for even EXISTING in the time and place they did.
When all the cool kids were noodling out to the Grateful Dead and wearing flowers in their hair, the Flamin' Groovies kept rocknroll real. The Rolling Stones kept rock alive in England, and the Flamin' Groovies kept Stone-esque rock alive in California.
(I also respect Cheap Trick for keeping Beatles-esque rock alive amid late-1970s proggy boring-ness)

callanwalker said...

don't forget, the gatefold's got some of the best liners by cyril