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Friday, April 3, 2009


AMERICAN HEARTBREAK - Postcards From Hell (Limited edition double cd)
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Superstar 2. White Girl 3. Drinks 4. Too Beautiful 5. Please Kill Me 6. Brain Vacation 7. Dead at Seventeen 8. Seven Time Loser 9. Not Alright 10. 4 A.M. 11. Arm Candy 12. Idiots on Parade 13. I Wish You Were (Dead) 14. Angeline 15. Postcards from Hell
American Heartbreak, which includes former members of Jetboy and Exodus, plays ultra-melodic, poppy, upbeat rock & roll along the lines of the New York Dolls, Starz, Moxy, T-Rex and most especially Cheap Trick. This is just pure, fun, rock & roll. The band does come across as a bit too polished at times. A slightly raunchier, heavier sound would give them a bit more edge, but that's a minor complaint about a band that's way too much fun to listen to.
If your idea of great rock & roll is the kind of music you play at full volume while singing along in the car with your friends (the opening of That 70's Show comes to mind), then you're absolutely going to love American Heartbreak. You can sing along to just about every song on this superfun album from the very first spin.

Tomorrow, you will get the second cd "You Will Not Be Getting Paid"

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Anonymous said...

awesome! sounds great.
thanks ratboy!