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Monday, February 2, 2009

Vacant Lot - Because they can

Vacant Lot - Because they can

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Hard Hard Time 2. Miss You Baby 3. Good As Gone 4. You Were On My MInd 5. In Her Eyes 6. Sooner Or Later 7. I Won't Say I'm Sorry 8. Nothing More Or Less 9. Take Her Place 10. Short Chain 11. Can't Take Anymore 12. Loyola
Following in the great New York tradition of the Speedies (down to a common high school), the Vacant Lot purified the sound of pop-punk to its catchy essence, consigned the Ramones comic book mentality to cartoon artwork and aspired to the panache of teen-dream stardom without ever truly outgrowing the city's clubs. Tight, energetic and bursting with cool tunes played fast enough to spin heads, the Vacant Lot is a phenomenal live band that very nearly managed to get the same charge going on the first of their three studio albums.
Recorded two years before its release, the twelve-song, 27-minute ...Because They Can is an accurate taste of the quartet's rollicking exuberance. Singing calmly in an ordinary voice over Mitro's hot-wired guitar interjections, Ciccone gives originals like "Hard Hard Time," "I Won't Say I'm Sorry" and "Good as Gone" the same pep as superspeed covers of the We Five's "You Were on My Mind" and the Dictators' "Loyola." (That song's author, Andy Shernoff, is one of the album's producers.) A couple of obviously Ramones-styled numbers are distinctly sub-par, but the rest ring as true as '78 classics.Trouser Press [Ira Robbins]

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