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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gearhead & Lookout presents All Punk Rods

Gearhead & Lookout presents All Punk Rods

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Eddie Intro 2. Let's Go to the Dragstrip - The Nomads 3. Demon Garage - Demonics 4. Nut Cop - Splash 4 5. Long Gone Losers - The Hellacopters 6. Hidden Charms - Quadrajets 7. Certain Year'd Something - The Hi-Fives 8. Updated Theme to Supercar - Man or Astro-man? 9. Ouch! 10. Ted 11. Speedin' Back to My Baby - The Donnas 12. You Are Not - The Peechees 13. Euro-Driver Mechano - Servotron 14. Rock 'N' Roll Was Never This Fun - The Smugglers

All Punk Rods!, a muscle-bound compilation curated by Gearhead magazine and issued by Lookout! Records, combines excerpts from an autocentric episode of The Munsters with 14 of the best drag punk bands in hot rod history. On one slim disc, you get the Nomads, Gas Huffer, Man or Astro-Man?, the PeeChees, Servotron, the Quadrojets, the Donnas, the Smugglers, and others singing about an American passion: fast cars and, more importantly, really fast cars.


Brandonio! said...

This is one of my favorite comps ever.Everyone should own this.

Curty Ray said...

Any disc that has an Eddie Munster Intro is a hit with me!!

Anonymous said...

Fab comp. thankx a lot. always great rockandroll here.