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Friday, February 6, 2009

Ben Vaughn MONO (Italy)

Ben Vaughn MONO (Italy)

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Cross Ties 2. Goin' Down the Road 3. Sundown, Sundown 4. Our Favorite Martian 5. Daddy Rollin' in Your Arms 6. Strange Desire 7. Jailbait8. Exploration in Fear 9. Just a Little Bit of You 10. Dark Glasses 11. Magdalena 12. I've Waited Too Long, Too Late 13. Out of Control 14. Skip a Rope 15. heart like a rock16. Melody for an unknowing girl
Recorded in mono and four years in the making, Vaughn's MONO is a labor of love. Vaughn dug up some ace tunes, brought them back alive, and re-made them himself - no attempt here to carbon copy the originals. Just a serious fan having serious fun. MONO is Vaughn's half remembered/half imagined AM radio station...coming in loud and clear...coast to coast.


Anonymous said...

one of the greatest !! ever heard his radio shows ?.. great too . do you any more of his great recordings ? I can send blows your mind ...

ratboy69 said...

That's the only one i have from him, so feel free to send anything you might have :-)))

Anonymous said...

"Blow your mind" is here

acresofbears said...

Thanks for this. I have the French version which has slightly different tracks (no covers though).
I also have "Dressed in Black" and the compilation "Mood Swings." Both are great. I'll upload them and post a link later.

Thanks again.