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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Attack - About Time! Definitive Mod-Pop Collection 1966-68

The Attack - About Time! Definitive Mod-Pop Collection 1966-68
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Any More Than I Do 2. Feel Like Flying (Making It) 3. Created by Clive [Radio Session][#] 4. Try It 5. Go Your Way 6. Too Old 7. Colour of My Mind 8. Lady Orange Peel 9. Sympathy for the Devil [#] 10. Neville Thumbcatch 11. Strange House 12. Created by Clive 13. Mr Pinnodmy's Dilemma 14. Come on Up [Radio Session][#] 15. Freedom for You 16. Hi-Ho Silver Lining 17. Magic in the Air (Aka Watch with Mother) 18. Anything [#] 19. We Don't Know
Making up the four great bands of the 1966 pop-apocalypse were The Who, The Action, The Creation and finally The Attack ( first brought to my attention by a close friend of this blog). Four names that in their brevity summed up the instant flash of mod-pop appeal. They had more energy than an H-bomb after flash, and they hit the senses and the soul with a long awaited wake up call. A definitive collection, which includes such stand outs as - Try It "bugged out insanity,with sexual overtones blowing the Standells version into oblivion"; We Don't Know "a tight explosion of mod-soul" ; Anymore Than I Do "a freak beat classic" - plus of course their pre-Jeff Beck version of Hi Ho Silver lining. A Must for all Mod Collectors. Includes for the first time on CD all four Decca singles. Includes previously unreleased material.


Anonymous said...

Magistral. One of the best freak-beat groups. Thankx for this with 19 songs!!!

Nicolas said...

Thank you. Really fantastic. Wild 60s freak beat. Muchas gracias.