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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Vipers - Outta The Nest

The Vipers - Outta The Nest

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Nothing's from Today 2. Now I Remember 3. Cheated and Lied 4. Dark as My Day 5. Tellin' Those Lies 6. Medication 7. Surprise, Surprise 8. Tears (Only Dry) 9. Ain't Nothin' Like Her 10. Borrowed Time 11. Not to Be in Love 12. We're Outta' Here! 13. Doin' It Well 14. Dust in My Pants 15. You Give Me Problems 16. Silver Lining 17. She's Coming Home 18. Talking to Stone 19. Nothing's from Today [4-Track Recording] 20. We're Outta' Here! [Flexi Disc]

The opening tune, "Nothing's From Today," with its chiming guitar opened the door into another dimension ... Then, there was the convincer -- track 2, "Now I Remember," an explosion of sight, sound, mind, drums, chimes and Eastern-influenced guitar madness, sent far over the wall midway through with a wailing scream from Weiss. The rest was just dessert: the brutal-nasty fuzz guitar line that provided the kick to The Standells' "Medication"; the romp-stomp of The Loved Ones' "Surprise Surprise"; the poppy, full-on, near-insane swirl of "Tellin' Those Lies"; "Cheated and Lied," which sounded like the theme to a '60s secret agent series; "Borrowed Time," commenced with a Middle Eastern guitar curlicue that set the tone to another agent-series-theme-in-wait; the appropriately gloomy overtones of "Dark as My Day" and "Not to Be in Love"; and the band's most sensitive song, the smart strummer "Tears (Only Dry)." In its time, this was a 12-song record. (The enhanced CD has eight bonus cuts, including the aforementioned original "Nothing's From Today," the ace stomper "Doin' It Well" and a rough version of "We're Outta Here" used as a flexidisc with Ron Rimsite's legendary garage zine 99th Floor.)


Oscarkotj said...

One of my favourites albums in the 80´s. Thanks for made it posible in mp3

vex_voxtone said...

For me the vipers along with the lyres were the best band that appeared on blooming 80's garage revival scene. They werent just another fuzz drenched cavestompin band. On the contrary their songs had sixties sound and feeling. For instance beautiful rickenbackerish jangle on Tears (only dry).
Thanx so much for this share ... I've been looking for this brilliant gem for ages.

Anonymous said...

A little masterpice garage revival. Thankx for this great record.

Brandonio! said...

I totally dig this band.Great songs Great sound Great band period!

Munju said...

Thank you for your great work!

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