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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Saints - Eternally Yours

The Saints - Eternally Yours

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Know Your Product 2. Lost And Found 3. Memories Are Made Of This 4. Private Affair 5. A Minor Aversion 6. No, Your Product 7. This Perfect Day 8. Run Down 9. Orstralia 10. New Centre Of The Universe 11. Untitled 12. (I'M) Misunderstood 13. International Robots 14. Orstralia (Bonus Track) 15. Lost And Found (Bonus Track) 16. The Ballad (Bonus Track) 17. This Perfect Day (Bonus Track) 18. Run Down (Bonus Track) 19. A Minor Aversion (Bonus Track) 20. Champagne Misery (Bonus Track) 21. Private Affair (Bonus Track) 22. No, You'Re Product (Bonus Track) 23. New Centre Of The Universe (Bonus Track) 24. River Deep Mountain High (Bonus Track) 25. Untitled (Bonus Track) 26. (I'M) Misunderstood (Bonus Track) 27. Do The Robot (Bonus Track)

Digitally remastered and expanded reissue of the Australian Punk band's 1978 sophomore album now featuring an additional 14 bonus tracks, all taken from 'The International Robot Sessions'.Having kickstarted punk rock with 1977's seminal (I'm) Stranded, this runty, sardonic Brisbane foursome followed up their debut with an equally tasty and snarling collection. This time, however, the Saints added horns to certain tracks, sounding not unlike updated Teenage Head-era Flamin Groovies. Aside from a couple of morose antilove songs ("Untitled,"" "A Minor Aversion") and an acrid advert for their homeland (The Hilarious "Orstralia"), much of Eternally Yours consists of bilious attacks on consumer society and its myriad lures. --Barney Hoskyns


Rick said...

Thanks a lot for these Saints albums!!! Will there be more?!?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one and (I'm) Stranded-anyone got the Prehistoric Sounds remaster ?