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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Rich Kids - Best Of

The Rich Kids - Best Of

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Strange One 2. Hung on You 3. Ghosts of Princes in Towers 4. Cheap Emotions 5. Marching Men 6. Put You in the Picture 7. Young Girls 8. Bullet-Proof Lover 9. Rich Kids 10. Lovers and Fools 11. Burning Sounds 12. Empty Words 13. Here Comes the Nice [Live] 14. Only Arsenic 15. No Lip 16. Move 17. Shape of Things to Come 18. King 19. Precious 20. Just Like Lazarus 21. Ambition 22. Twisted 23. Tomorrow's Zero

Digitally remastered 2003 compilation for British punk act founded by The Sex Pistols' Glen Matlock, features 23 tracks including 9 bonus tracks, 'No Lip', 'The Move', 'Shape Of Things To Come', 'King', 'Precious', 'Just Like Lazarus', 'Ambition', 'Twisted' & 'Tomorrow's Zero'. The first 14 tracks are from the 1993 Dojo Records reissue of the album Ghosts Of Princes In Towers with the 3 B-sides that were included at the time, 'Empty Words', 'Here Comes The Nice' (live) & 'Only Arsenic'.


Anonymous said...

thanks,great album and a great blog,keep up the good work!

carlos said...

Thank you very much. Siga así amigo. Fantástico!!!!

Anonymous said...

They were a wonderful band and this is fantastic

Thank you so much for posting this

Big Ern xxx

Melbourne Australia

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for this, and intriguing to see Put You in the Picture included - it was the only single by Midge Ure's first pre-Ultravox punk group, PVC2 that I still have on vinyl and is posted here thanks to Frank:

or, if that goes down, thanks to Felipe here:

And if you haven't already got Rich Kids live at Barbarellas, 22-07-78, here it is:

There is also a very rare but rather low-quality live Rich Kids bootleg live 30.01.78 Tiffanys, Halesowen, West Midlands, UK here, thanks to Gobshyte:

Cheers now, happy hunting and thanks again, Dave Sez.

PS: Apologies if you do not want external links in your comments - just delete this.

Anonymous said...

And this has just gone up a couple of hours ago - looks great!

Cheers, Dave Sez.