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Saturday, January 10, 2009

MOTT THE HOOPLE - All the Young Dudes [BOX SET] Reup

MOTT THE HOOPLE - All the Young Dudes [BOX SET]
Disc: 1
1. Like a Rolling Stone [Impromptu Jam] 2. Rock & Roll Queen [45 RPM Version] 3. You Really Got Me [Vocal Version] 4. Wrath and Wroll [1998 Mix] 5. Find Your Way [Backtrack/Demo] 6. Moonbus (Baby's Got a Down) [Live/Demo/1998 Mix] 7. It Would Be a Pleasure [Demo Version] 8. Ohio [Live/1998 Mix] 9. Midnight Lady - Steve Marriott, Mott the Hoople 10. Debt 11. Downtown [1998 Mix] 12. Long Red [1998 Mix] 13. It'll Be Me [1998 Mix] 14. Until I'm Gone [1998 Mix] 15. One of the Boys [Alternate Version/1998 Mix] 16. Journey [Alternate Version/1998 Mix] 17. Mental Train (The Moon Upstairs) [Demo/1998 Mix] 18. How Long? [Death May Be Your Santa Claus Demo] 19. Ride on the Sun [Early Sea Diver Demo/1998 Mix] 20. Movin' On [Demo/1998 Mix] 21. Hunchback Fish [Backtrack] Disc: 2 1. All the Young Dudes 2. One of the Boys [UK Single Version] 3. Sweet Jane 4. Ready for Love 5. Honaloochie Boogie 6. Ballad of Mott the Hoople (26th March 1972, Zürich) 7. I Wish I Was Your Mother [1998 Remix] 8. I'm a Cadillac 9. All the Way from Memphis 10. Hymn for the Dudes 11. Violence 12. Roll Away the Stone 13. Crash Street Kidds 14. Marionette 15. Golden Age of Rock & Roll 16. Rest in Peace 17. Born Late '58 18. Foxy Foxy 19. (Do You Remember) The Saturday Gigs? Disc: 3 1. All the Young Dudes - David Bowie, Mott the Hoople 2. It's Goodbye 3. Just Can't Go to Sleep 4. Transparent Day [Demo Version] 5. Shakin' All Over [Demo Version] 6. Please Don't Touch [Demo Version] 7. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) [Demo Version] 8. Honaloochie Boogie [Demo/1998 Mix] 9. Hymn for the Dudes [Demo/1998 Mix] 10. Nightmare [Demo/1998 Mix] 11. Saturday Kids 12. Lounge Lizard 13. Shout It All Out 14. It Don't Come Easy [Demo/1998 Mix] 15. Barking Up the Wrong Tree [1998 Mix] 16. To Short Arms (I Don't Care) [Kramer, Eddie/Electric Lady Mix] 17. Get Rich Quick [Demo/1998 Mix] 18. International Heroes [45 RPM Mix] 19. American Pie/The Golden Age of Rock & Roll [Live/1998 Mix] 20. Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane [Live/1998 Mix] 21. Rock & Roll Queen [Live/1998 Mix] 22. Blowin' in the Wind [Live/1998 Mix]
Three disc box on Columbia featuring 62 tracks, all digitally remastered from the original master tapes using 20-bit Super Bit Mapping technology, from both their years on CBS & Island. Includes the smashes 'All The Young Dudes','All The Way From Memphis', 'Roll Away The Stone' & 'Honaloochie Boogie'. Packaged in a 6 x 10in hardback digi-book, it also contains a 56 page booklet with a chronology, discography, track by track analysis, dozens of previously unpublished photos and commentary, quotes & insights from band members. 1998 release.
cd1 :
cd2 :
cd3 :


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Tremendo. Gracias por este post y por el trabajo que lleva subir este box. Thankx friend.


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Thank you very much for your blog. First Class R&R !!!