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Friday, January 30, 2009

The LYRES - The Early Years - 1979 to 1983 Live at Cantones

The LYRES - The Early Years - 1979 to 1983 Live at Cantones

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Never Met a Girl Like You Before 2. Soapy 3. Gonna Find a New Love 4. I Really Want You Right Now 5. Swing Shift 6. Take a Look at Me 7. Buried Alive 8. Tryin' Just to Please You 9. Way I Feel About You 10. Nobody But Me 11. Busy Body 12. What a Girl Can't Do 13. Let's Have a Party 14. 100 CC 15. Little Sally Tease 16. Let's Talk About Girls 17. How Do You Know 18. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby 19. Geraldine 20. Love Man 21. Lily 22. Skinny Minnie 23. Since You've Been Gone 24. Long Gone

These "Early years" are great because you can verify there that when the Lyres are inspired as they are some evenings, they are the most fantastic rockin' band one can imagine. THIS RECORD IS A PURE NUGGET and its speeds up a 100 miles per hour. You can nearly feel the sweat beads coming of Jeff's hair to your face. A great collection of classic Lyres songs and covers! The Lyres are covering "Geraldine" so cleverly it sounds like a product of their own. Jim Topper is introducing the band and exalting his admiration speaking of its "majesticity". Bob Colby, famous for the "boob" - see the Real Kids first album - asks for "let's get a Party" and of course Jeff Monoman is treating the audience as if he was giving the ultimate party of the sixties.


vex_voxtone said...

This gotta be one of the best live albums ever. On WERS-FM part of the album they sound so confident and powerful ... from guitar feedback on "nobody but me" to inevitable foot stompers like "take a look at me" and "let's have a party" you can feel the heart and passion. MONOman is one of the best frontmen in RnR history slamming his trademark vox continental organ.
THANX for this brilliant share

hfs fan said...

was there ever a better song that, "What a girl can do.'' Oh, gosh

Carlos Fernando said...

waaaawwwwwwwww, no manches, muchisimas gracias por este aporte, espero que completes la discografia de esta gran banda.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered this awesome blog and I've Love it !!

Plese re-updload this Pearl.

Greetings from VAlencia and keep it up Baby!!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered this awesome blog, and I love it!!

Can you reupload this pearl, please ??

Thanks and keep it up baby!!