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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Kids (Release on CD of the first two albums + bonus-tracks) REUP

The Kids (Release on CD of the first two albums + bonus-tracks)

@ 320 - NO COVERS - too lazy to scan the damn thing again!!!!!
1.This is rock and roll /2.Do you love the Nazis /3.Bloody Belgium /4.For the fret /5.Baby that’s alright /6.Fascist cops /7.I wanna get a job in the city /8.I don’t care /9.I feel alright / 10.Old D.J’s / 11. I’ll get you / 12.Money is all I need /13.The city is dead /14.Jesus Christ ( Didn’t exist ) /15.Don’t wanna be a fat boy /16.Razor blades for sale /17.Sixteen /18.We are the prisoners /19.Radio radio /20.Rock over Belgium /21.No monarchy /22.Sex Queen /23.Naughty boys /24.Dead industry /25.Runaway /26.Through the night / 27.There will be no next time
The Kids were One of the first groups in Belgium to really tap into the power of the international punk scene which was erupting in 1976-77. In retrospect, it is a bit foolish to call the Kids a "punk"-group, since they were much too R&B for that, but they certainly communicated the "punk"-feeling.


lejeanjoseph said...

Thx for all !!!! I'm deseperatly looking for a Kid's album which have a black cover what I owned a long time ago. Could you help me?

angel said...

hey, thanks for this

i been lookin´ for an album with a song called 'there´ll be no next time' for a long time now. could be the same album (other comment above)??

could u help

thanks and keep on rockin