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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Hydromatics - Powerglide

The Hydromatics - Powerglide

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
The Hydromatics was formed by Nick Royale from The Hellacopters and Tony Slug from Amsterdam punkband The Nitwitz. They planned to recorded a series of Sonic's Rendezvous Band coversongs, but the project was long on hold due to the hectic touring schedules of The Hellacopters. However Tony Slug was able to get a hold of Sonic's Rendezvous Band founder Scott Morgan and during the Hellacopters second visit to Detroit, Morgan happely accepted the offer to record with Tony and Nick. In 1999 Scott and Nick flew to Amsterdam and met up with Tony and his bandmate Theo Brouwer and The Hydromatics were born.
The band rehearsed for six days, played three shows in Amsterdam and wrote some new material for the bands debut album "Parts Unknown". After a sort tour of six weeks through Europe which resulted in the six track live-CD "Fluid Drive", Nick decided to leave the band due to his commitments to The Hellacopeters and was replaced by Andy Frost. In 2001 the band released their second album "Powerglide", containing seven Sonic's Rendezvous Band covers and seven new tracks.


limburg said...

Dear Ratboy,

I downloaded twice the file, and tells that is damaged.

Thanks for all the GREAT POSTS and hard work behind it

We really appreciate


Anonymous said...

I've tried to grab this 3 times and got "corrupt rar" notice when unpacking! Anyone else having this problem?


- - thanX!

Curty Ray said...

Maybe it is me but I can not get this file to extract! Says it is corrupt.


Servo said...

Sorry I cannot unzip the file. I get message saying archive not found. I've used WinRar and 7-Zip.

Am I the only one with this problem??


JoeK said...

Thx for this good post but the rar-file is corrupted...

ratboy69 said...


limburg said...

Thanks For this Re-up.

Even If I don´t post a comment everyday I always check your page the first thing in the morning.

In my personal TOP 3 Blogs

I´m sometimes now sending links at 320 with covers of records to a small group of bloggers (Sons Of The Dolls, Shaking Street, Captain Poon and Garage Music and Trashsistors)to thgeir personal mails.

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Cheers and thanks mate!!!!