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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Get It Reup

The Get It

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1 Bring It on Home Brown, Piney2:56 2 Shake a Poo Poo Chet "Poison Ivey"2:53 3 Pop Popcorn Children Holmes, Eldridge2:51 4 Finger Lickin' Chicken Radars2:39 5 The Get It 2:52 6 Humpin', Bumpin' and Thumpin' Williams, Andre2:38 7 Soul Brothers Testify, Pt. 1 Original Soul Senders2:11 8 The Kick-Back 1:56 9 Machine Shop, Pt. 1 Untouchable Machine Shop2:58 10 Popcorn, Pt. 1 2:46 11 Yak-A-Poo Brown, Latimore2:55 12 Handle It Soul Suspects2:35 13 I'm Ready, I'm Ready Dollar, Beau2:47 14 Put Your Hoe to My Row 2:26 15 The Kangaroo, Pt. 2 2:30 16 The Bushman Tenth Dimension2:30 17 Soul Brothers Testify, Pt. 2 Original Soul Senders2:09 18 Mut-Ley Doing the Crawlpen 2:32 19 Mashed Potato Popcorn 2:48 20 Goobah Soul Continentals2:23 21 Bisquits and Buttermilk 2:22 22 Popcorn, Pt. 2 2:05
This collection is subtitled "Raw Funk of '67-69!," and it lives up to that billing, with 22 hard-hitting funk tracks from artists who will be unknown to all but hardcore funksters. Well, maybe Andre Williams will be familiar to some, but that's it. This is funk with a pretty rippling and fast-tempoed guitar, horn and rhythm section, along the lines of the late-1960s James Brown band (as heard on both vocal and instrumental recordings) in particular, and also in the vein of less famous outfits like Dyke & the Blazers.It would be a great party disc for those who want to simultaneously get the guests dancing and impress all record collector friends in the room. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide


paul said...

Thanks for this great re-up! You Have great taste (well, similar to mine!). It is a shame about dead links, if it's not too much of a pain can you please re-up Pow City Fabulous Shakers Soul Party?
Thanks again for all your effort. Cheers Paul

DefChef said...

I had this one until an ex-girlfriend stole it, and it is just about the best 60s funk R&B comp ever...all killer, no filler...thanks for posting & making my life complete again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Can we have more soul/funk/R&B of this calibre please?
Keep up your great work. Thank you again.