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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tattooed Millionaires - Armed & Hammered

Tattooed Millionaires - Armed & Hammered
@ 320 NO COVERS - thanx to a great band as far as the music is concerned but are real assholes when it comes to merchandising. Who the hell sells CDs with no covers?????????? They DO obviously!

This is the only correct list (the list on the cd is NOT correct):(Yes, they even managed to screw that up too!!!!)
01. Subsonic 02. Teenage Love03. I Just Want The Drugs 04. Laid in the USA05. Freedom To Rock 06. All I Want Is You07. Next Big Thing 08. Gimme Good Head 09. Dance To The Sound 10. How Big Is Your Rock'n'Roll Heart?
Tattooed Millionaires is a glam, punk band hailing from Hollywood California. Their second effort Armed & Hammered is a short one. Clocking in just shy of 29 minutes in length.This CD will immerse you in a punk/sleaze mixture with catchy tunes and ripping guitar solos.Fans of bands like Hanoi Rocks need to give this a listen.
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Yep , ces enfoirés vendent leurs cds sans pochette (les 2) je confirme ...par contre niveau badges et auto-collants ça va !

comadreja said...

Thank you for this. As I visit his blog, always I find fantastic surprises.

dave p said...

thanks again for all your great request..any chance of the back cover for the creeps 'enjoy' album not in folder.

ratboy69 said...

Dave p, tray is exactly the same as the back of the booklet. That's the reason why i didn't scan it. Scanning is always the boring part :-))

Curty Ray said...

Tell me about it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, the link doesn't work. Can you put it on rapishare or something? I've been looking for this album for months now!