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Monday, September 15, 2008

THE SHAME IDOLS - I got time

THE SHAME IDOLS - I got time
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1. Superman 2. Impossible 3. Lucky Dollar 4. I Got Time 5. Sun Ra 6. Down in Alley 7. Pretty Baby 8. Where I Want You 9. Slug Buffet 10. Probably Safe 11. Thing 12. Record Breaker 13. Airhead 14. Not in the Way 15. Split
I Got Time is one smoking set of punk-fueled pop. The opening avalanche of drums and slashing chords in "Superman" immediately brings to mind a friendly meeting of the Ramones, the Fluid, and Cheap Trick. The verses are almost as hook-laden as their choruses and they work enough variety (a bit of psychedelia, lots of humor) into the tunes to keep the 15 tracks from becoming a blur.
Part1 :


Anonymous said...

Great power punk pop !!! Thank you.


tina seirca said...

Thankx friend!! Great rock and roll blog!!! You are a fantastic discography.

Sitilee said...

¡¡Mecagüen la leche!!! ¿No tienes también el "Rocket Cat"??
Thanks a lot and in advance!!!!

Toxxy said...

I definitely believe I should take a listen to this one, I think I'll be pleasant surprised :-) Cheers ratboy!

ratboy69 said...

Sitilee, give me your mail and i will send you a link for "Rocket Cat"

ratboy69 said...


thanx for the comment.I definitely believe you should, indeed. You won't be disappointed :-)))

Vincent Vives said...


can you repost this. thank you.