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Thursday, September 11, 2008



@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

1. Anthem 2. Funny Little Feeling 3. Flag Song 4. Everybody's Gotta Live 5. Barbarian 6. Habits I Have 7. Soldier's Fortune 8. Can't Break That Glass 9. Lay Down & Die 10. Three Goddamns 11. Shut Your Eyes 12. Dead Man's March
These four Eugene, OR lads are set to wage war on their namesake genre. They have raw rock smarts beyond their years. Strong songwriting and self-production proved these guys jumped straight out their mom's gut clutching the Rolling Stones' "Exile On Main Street" in one hand, the MC5's "High Times" in the other. Constant prodding from Gearhead Records led to some of their demos coming out on vinyl as "The High School Sessions" EP, followed by "The Weak Blame The Strong" EP, both contained herein as "The Two EPs".


Anonymous said...

Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers [2008] So Many Musicians To Kill (European Edition)

codec: FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec

total playing time: 40:10 (min:sec)
total size: 316 MB (332 117 763 bytes)

1. Water Tower [2:55]
2. Funny Little Feeling [2:46]
3. Baby Monster [2:53]
4. Leave This Place [3:56]
5. Flag Song [2:09]
6. Black [3:20]
7. Three Goddamns [3:47]
8. Gunz Out [2:37]
9. High and Low [3:30]
10. When It Comes To Love [3:41]
11. Bad Mistakes [2:26]
12. Something Bigger [3:34]
13. Anthem [2:36]


part 1,2 -
part 3,4 -

The Racing Rabbit said...

Hi Ratboy!

recently found your blog!

A very good selection indeed!!

Thanks for the Estrus box and the Lyres records!

Keep it going!

(Do you also have the other Estrus boxes??? I don't have the time to change them into mp3 myself)

Brandonio! said...

Your so right this is a great record.I've been a fan since this came out.

lucas said...

Great surprise for me this band. Thank you friend.

Treap said...

flac, luv ya!