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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jan & Dean - Drag city

Jan & Dean - Drag city

@ 320 - covers are included
1. Drag City 2. I Gotta Drive 3. Drag Strip Girl 4. Surfin' Hearse 5. Dead Man's Curve 6. Schlock Rod (Part 1) 7. Schlock Rod (Part 2) 8. Popsicle Truck 9. Surf Route 10. Sting Ray 11. Little Deuce Coupe 12. Hot Stocker
Drag City is arguably Jan & Dean's best album. Unlike the typical albums of the era, which used to feature one or two hits plus covers of other performer's hits, this album features almost all original tunes (other than a cover of "Little Deuce Coupe"). The songs are all about cars and they are all good. "Drag City" was the hit single, but "Popsicle Truck" also became a hit later, as did "Dead Man's Curve" (but this isn't the version of "Dead Man's Curve" that was later released as a single).


comadreja said...

Thank you for Drag City. A good album, great voices.

Anonymous said...

Thankx. A classic 60 surf music.

Pretty_Thing said...

Thank you very much. Great stuff and properly at 320 w/covers. Fantastic!
A request: maybe you've got Chad and Jeremy's Distant Shores and Of Cabbages and kings (not surf but for sure very shiny !!!). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great voices....thanks & long life for your blog

Anonymous said...

great voice........thanks