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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hoodoo Gurus - Electric soup

Hoodoo Gurus - Electric soup
@ 320 - covers are included

1. What's My Scene 2. Bittersweet 3. Come Anytime 4. My Girl 5. 1000 Miles Away 6. I Want You Back 7. Axegrinder 8. Generation Gap 9. Death Defying 10. Place in the Sun 11. Tojo 12. In the Middle of the Land 13. Good Times 14. Castles in the Air 15. Leilani 16. Poison Pen 17. Another World 18. Like Wow-Wipeout! 19. Miss Freelove '69

Electric Soup is a 19-track collection of the band's best singles. And although the Hoodoo Gurus made several fine albums, this collection shows the band in the best light, with their catchiest and best-loved songs. An excellent distillation and the best introduction to this sorely underrated brand of Aussie-pop. ~ Chris Woodstra, All Music Guide

PS :I bought this, way back in the day, as a double CD, you get the second one (Gorilla Biscuit - B-Sides And Rarities) tomorrow


carlos said...

Another great band from Australia like Sunnyboys. Many thankx for this 7" compilation.

Anonymous said...

Thankx for this post.

FB said...

Thanks for all the great records on your blog! I have to admit I've grabbed a few of them without leaving any comments. It's so easy...

Well, it's time to give something back: Here's What a Concept!: A Salute to Teenage Fanclub. Ripped at 320 as requested. Will scan the covers for you tomorrow (in my part of the world).

ratboy69 said...

Thanx so much, FB, you made my day.