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Sunday, September 14, 2008


@ 320 - covers are included
1. K-39 2. Out of Limits 3. Wipe Out 4. Mr. Rebel 5. Telstar 6. Mark of Zorro 7. Back Beat 8. One Mint Julep 9. Bedlam 10. Chiflado 11. Just Drums 12. Hot Rod Show [*] 13. Hot Rod Hootenanny [*] 14. Fastest Time
The folks at Sundazed bring you yet another great album from the surf rock kings The Challengers from 1964. This release includes 3 bonus tracks 'Hot Rod Show', Hot Rod Hootenanny' and 'The Fastest Time'. This is the fourth album by prolific surf band the Challengers. It is named after their best known song, "K-39". Most of the rest of the album features cover versions of (then) recent instrumental hits. This is good stuff. The songs are well played in the classic surf music style. The version of "Wipe Out" is especially interesting, because it has a very different arrangement than the Surfaris hit version.


irene said...

Many thankx for this little gem!!

Anonymous said...

Really fantastic surf music. Wipe Out is one of the best. Thank you very much.

Pretty_Thing said...

Thank you Ratboy, I'm Pretty Thing from the dead Hippidetrippi blog. I'm a fan of surf music and glad to see these wonderful posts. Pepsonic told me about your blog and it's really 100% cool. Thanks !