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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bobby Fuller Four - KRLA King of the wheels

Bobby Fuller Four - KRLA King of the wheels

@ 320 - covers are included
1 Love's Made A Fool Of You 2 Don't Ever Let Me Know 3 My True Love 4 I'm A Lucky Guy 5 The Magic Touch 6 King Of The Wheels 7 The Lonely Dragster 8 The Phantom Dragster 9 Krla Top Eliminator 10 She's My Girl 11 It's Love, Come What May 12 I Fought The Law 13 Only The Young 14 You Kiss Me 15 Just Pickin' Around 16 Donna 17 Night Train 18 You Made Me Cry 19 Guess We'll Fall In Love 20 Angel Face 21 King Of The Beach 22 Nervous Breakdown 23 Peggy Sue / Pamela 24 The Lonely Sea 25 Keep On Dancing 26 Misirlou

Just after "I Fought The Law" became a top ten hit, Bobby Fuller was found dead in his parked automobile near his Los Angeles home. The police considered the death an apparent suicide, however many people still believe Fuller was murdered. The investigation was botched from the start. The crime scene was not secured and no fingerprints were obtained. A witness also claimed seeing a police officer throw a can of gasoline found at the scene into the trash. Fuller was found with multiple wounds all over his body and covered in gasoline leading many to speculate that the perpetrators fled before they could set the car on fire. Police later changed the cause of death to "Accidental asphyxiation" citing no evidence of foul play.Despite the official cause of death stated by authorities, rumors and speculation still surround Fuller's mysterious death.


Anonymous said...

Bobby Fuller Four are magnificent. Mix a little bit of Buddy Holly, Surf 'n' hot rod and Garage and you get this marvellous record. Thanks again RATBOY69!

Pretty Thing

bosshoss said...

Many thanks for this great album.
This is fab r'n'r....
Any chance of the "I fought the law"-album?

Anonymous said...

bobby = great rock and roll

thank you

vex_voxtone said...

Bobby Fuller ... Our favourite Texan :)

ratboy69 said...

Considering what's happening right now, a repost might be possible but certainly not in the near future.