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Friday, July 25, 2008

The scruffs - Wanna Meet the Scruffs?

The scruffs - Wanna Meet the Scruffs? (1977)

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
1. Break The Ice 2. My Mind 3. You're No Fun 4. Frozen Girls 5. I've Got A Way 6. Tragedy 7. This Thursday 8. Revenge 9. She Say Yea 10. Tommy Gun 11. Sad Cafe 12. I'm A Failure 13. Bedtime Stories 14. She Say Yea 15. Break The Ice (Recorded At Shoe Studios)

Seventies power pop cult heroes The Scruffs were the 'Next Big Things' that never were. Acclaimed as torch bearers in the tradition of Big Star & The Raspberries, they got the critical approval but none of the commercial breaks, which again seems to be in that hallowed tradition! In a new age, where Big Star are bigger than sliced bread, Rev-Ola presents for your pleasure Wanna Meet The Scruffs' (1977) unavailable almost since its original release.


Anonymous said...

This link doesn't work. It just keeps taking me back to the same page, but the download never begins.

Skip said...

I gotta concur with previous commenter.

The link is a cruel prank...

Any chance you might re post someplace that isn't z share?

Love your blog and happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!!!

any chance of re-upload??
thanks anyway