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Thursday, July 24, 2008



@ 320 kbps
1. Inner Planet Love 2. Black And White World 3. Rain Rain Rain 4. Falling 5. Runaround 6. Amphetamine Blue 7. Cuckoo Land 8. Kiss It Goodbye 9. New Society 10. Straight City 11. Vipers In The Dark 12. He's A Rebel 13. Precious Heart 14. Partners In Crime 15. Houston Tower 16. Dagger In My Heart
The Fallen Angels was formed in 1984 with Knox (singer/songwriter from the Vibrators) on vocals and guitar, with the Hanoi Rocks rhythm section of Sam Yaffa on bass, the late Razzle on drums, and Nasty Suicide on rhythm and some lead guitar. Also guesting on the first album were Cosmic Ted and the Psychedelic Kid, (Mike Monroe and Andy McCoy respectively).
Anyone into New York Dolls/Hanoi Rocks glam punk, should check this cd out. High octane glam sleeze punk rock n roll at its best..this is what punk/glam collaborations should sound like..raw,catchy,energetic.

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vex_voxtone said...

I love this album so much.
It is one of those unknown RNR nuggets but in the other hand what else can you get when you mix Knox and Hanoi Rocks ... a brilliant glam sleaze punk masterpiece. I lost my vinyl copy of Fallen Angels in a dreadful fire accident so you made me a happy man again :))
THANX a million

Brandonio! said...

Wow i never knew this existed.This has to be good.