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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Candy - Teenage Neon Jungle (Rare & Unreleased)

Candy - Teenage Neon Jungle (Rare & Unreleased)
@ 320 kbps - Covers are included
Now, many years after the Los Angeles pop-glam band known as "Candy" released their cult classic major label album "Whatever Happened to Fun," fans of unadulterated power pop can revisit the big-haired 80's with "Candy - Teenage Neon Jungle" nationally released on SongTree Records.
With a walloping 25 tracks of original raw demos, live and re-recorded songs "Teenage Neon Jungle" takes you on a voyeuristic ride with a breaking band in the heart of America's music world.

1 Intro 2 Whatever Happened To Fun 3 Stuff 4 First Time 5 Turn It Up Loud (recorded live, Houston, TX '85) 6 Kids In The City (recorded live at the Palace, Hollywood, CA '85 7 Stuff 8 The Girl I Love 9 Weekend Boy 10 Champagne 11 Stuff 12 She Loves You (recorded Live at the Palace, Hollywood, CA '85) 13 Stuff 14 Lonely Hearts 15 Electric Nights 16 Number One 17 Daddy Is A Jet (first Candy demo, '81) 18 Sound Of A Broken Heart 19 Turn It Up Loud '03 20 War Is Over - Electric Angels 21 Crocodile Tears - Gilby Clarke (from Rubber) 22 You Will Dance Again - Kyle Vincent (from Solitary Road) 23 The Return of the X-Girlfriend - The Loveless (from A Tale of Gi) 24 The Last Radio Show '03/'85 Live 25 Outro

1 comment:

vex_voxtone said...

This is a brilliant stuff ... Candy was one hell of a band !!!
Power pop from the sunset strip sleaze with very young Gilby Clark on guitar ... they were not just another one hit wonder with "whatever happened to fun". Teenage neon jungle proves that they should've been huge.
THANXXX so much !!!!