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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Rubinoos - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About... - Box set part.3

The Rubinoos - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About... - Box set part.3

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

Disc: 3 1. Intro/Rockin' in the Jungle [Live] 2. Wouldn't It Be Nice [Live] 3. Peek-A-Boo [Live] 4. Hard to Get [Live] 5. Hey Royse [Live] 6. I Never Thought It Would Happen [Live] 7. Fallin' in Love [Live] 8. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend [Live] 9. I Think We're Alone Now [Live] 10. Rock and Roll Is Dead [Live] 11. Sugar Sugar [Live] 12. Pushin' Too Hard [Live]

Disc three features an entire vintage concert, recorded in 1978 at London's Hammersmith Odeon. In addition to Rubinoos originals (including the otherwise unavailable "Hey Royse"), the band reaches back to their roots as a cover band, singing a cappella on "Rockin' in the Jungle," and jamming on bubblegum's national anthem, "Sugar Sugar." The latter even manages to quote "Smoke on the Water" and "Downtown" before invoking an audience sing-along! The show closes with a 6-minute cover of The Seeds "Pushin' Too Hard," and the disc ends with a a cover of "96 Tears." As tightly controlled as the Rubinoos were on disc, they were equally exhilarating on stage, able to reproduce their harmonies in concert and summon up great rock 'n' roll energy.



vex_voxtone said...

Thanx for this RUBINOOS box set ... but I have a lil favour. Can you please share it on sharebee ... megaupload is always busy and I'm asking you for this favour if it's not all that complicated for you.
Thanx in advance ! :)

vex_voxtone said...

You are THE MANNNN :)))

leesa said...


Does anyone have a copy of Rubinoos "Twist, Pop, Sin"?

I'd love to hear it.


Rev. Dave said...

None of the CD 3 links work anymore, is there anything you can do?