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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Rubinoos - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About... - Box set part.2

The Rubinoos - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About... - Box set part.2

@ 320 kbps - Covers are included

Disc: 2 1. Hurts Too Much 2. Hit the Nerve 3. I Love the Way You Touch 4. Never Too Late 5. Troubled Heart 6. Alright Without You 7. If I Had You Back [Demo Version] 8. Handle with Care 9. Too Up to Feel Down 10. Revenge of the Nerds 11. Cruisin' Music 12. Amnesia 13. Early Winter 14. You Don't Know Her 15. Thorn in My Side 16. There Goes My Inspiration 17. If My Car Could Only Talk 18. Heroes and Villains 19. You Started It 20. Too Sweet 21. In the Worst Way 22. Someday 23. I Think We're Alone Now [Live] 24. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend [Live]

Disc two adds additional rarities from "Garage Sale" (including a great cover of The Raspberries "Cruisin' Music") and tracks that were demoed for a never-completed third group album. These latter tracks, including "Hurts Too Much" and "Hit the Nerve," are a truer continuation of the earlier albums than the Rundgren-produced "Party of Two" (which was credited as a Rubinoos release, but only included Rubin and Dunbar). Also on the second disc are selections from the group's more recent releases, "Paleophonic," "Crimes Against Music," and "Twist Pop Sin." The all-covers "Crimes" offers up moving versions of The Eurythmics "Thorn in My Side" and Todd Rundgren's "There Goes My Inspiration," and a superb Four Seasons styled take on the obscure Lou Christie tune, "If My Car Could Only Talk."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this set, great band!

leesa said...

The Rubes are Awesome!!!

Do you, by any chance, have Rubinoos: Twist, Pop, Sin? I'd love to hear this!

Anonymous said...

I downloaded parts 1 and 3, but it looks like part 2 has expired?

Any chance you can help a Rubinoos fan out?

Thanks - cool blog!

Anonymous said...

I have part 2 if you still need it. I also have Twist Pop Sin E mail me if you're still loking for these: